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226 Auradon Prep
0 0
With the engagement of Ben and Mal, and Audrey was transformed back to normal, Ben and Mal declared to drop the barrier around the Isle of the Lost. Now the two lands emerge to become one. They have to learn to co-exist with one another. Will they be able
227 Pine Hollow
0 0
We're a brand new JCink supernatural small city set in a fictional town in Oregon. We offer plenty of species, a welcoming atmosphere, and the chance to expand your characters through play. We offer a pretty unique plot with sub-plots and a chance to help
228 Revillution After Dark
0 0
Revillution After Dark is the 18+ adults only section of Revillution After Dark is a very adults only, explicit section of the site with a large emphasis on adult sexual roleplaying between it's members. The rules are more lax in this part
229 Marvel: Legacy
0 0
Marvel: Legacy is an Alternate Universe Marvel RP set in NYC amid growing tensions between humans and supers. Join the X-Men, Brotherhood, the Avengers Initiative, or the growing ranks of NYC's supernatural community.
230 Crossroads
0 0
231 The Blood Realms
0 0
Blood Realms is an AU RPG based off the Black Jewels world. We have our own timeline, and modified lore. We are a mature 18+ writing community, in a dark fantasy setting. There is no word count.
232 Order of the Obsidian Ink
0 0
Order of the Obsidian Ink is a 3/3/3 mature premium panfandom board loosely based in the Inkheart and Into the Badlands fandoms and takes place around 550 years in a dystopian future.
0 0
A small city in Massachusetts, Tempest Harbor has found itself at the epicenter of supernatural living for quite some time. With an established distaste between the two werewolf packs, the rise in tension within the vampire community, and two witch heirs
234 Swooping Jobberknolls
0 0
SwoopingJobberknolls is a Wizarding World roleplaying forum based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, set in the present and running on real time to allow for adequate character development and RPing opportunities.
235 Caelmor RP
0 0
Caelmor is a bustling city packed with humans and Supernaturals alike. The lore is some of your classic supernatural myths with a funky twist.
236 The OASIS
0 0
"For You Are an Architect; A Worldshaper." A general RP Board unlike any you've ever seen. 3/3/3 & 16+.
237 Beneath the Mask
0 0
A Revolutionary Canon Persona 5 RPG
238 Cheribeth Roleplay
0 0
Welcome to Cheribeth, a haven hidden deep in the Colorado Mountains with the use of magic barriers held up by the Goddess Artemis. Loosely based on upcoming book series written by the owners.
18+, 3-3-3 rating, Modern Supernatual
239 Wicked Little Things
0 0
Wicked Little Things is a modern, supernatural rp. We are also a Jcink premium community. In the tiny town of Cinderfall, all manner of mysticism occurs. Each full moon, townspeople turn to wolves and the names in the local cemetery match up with current
240 WWF Attitude E-Fed
0 0
Welcome back to WWF ATTITUDE - the greatest time ever to be a wrestling fan. We are a real, time-based E-Fed created in July 2020. Come and see for yourself!
241 Triumvirate
0 0
Triumvirate is a medieval supernatural fantasy rpg set on a fictional world where gods, magic, monsters, and the wrath of the divine are very real. Thirty years ago, Lysair became the last kingdom in the sky but now her king is dying and her future is in
242 Red Star Beckons
0 0
Pern shifted centuries ago, and in the time since, the culture has shifted to allow for survival against the Red Star. And then a ship called the Melbourne would enter the space of Rukbat, and the world would be changed once again.
243 Beasts of Beyond
0 0
Looking for a dynamic roleplay site to suit all of your needs? Introducing Beasts of Beyond. Beasts of Beyond mainly focuses on ability-based animal roleplay between four official rough and tough groups. We're sure to have a group to fit your needs!
244 Star Wars : Alternate Universe RPG
0 0
SWAURP is a play-by-post star wars roleplay the takes place in the tear 14 BBY, with an alternate ending to revenge of the sith.
245 Hardcore Professional Wrestling Federation
0 0
HPWF is a new Professional Wrestling E-Federation dedicated to bringing you completely new stories with custom wrestlers! Come join the fun! It's the Next Revolution in Violence!
246 Sunrises & Sunsets
0 0
Real Life/Mafia town!
247 Across the Stars
0 0
Across the Stars is an AU Star Wars Roleplay is set at 4BBY, a few years before the film A New Hope. The Jedi Order is all but extinct, the once benevolent Republic gone, as the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen across the Galaxy.
248 Strange Ways
0 0
Modern Supernatural | Jcink Premium | 18+ | No WC

The isolated city of Calder, Oregon is home to a populace that embraces the eccentric and superstitious. Soon, though, reality is about to become stranger than fiction.
249 Shadowhunters Through The Ages
0 2
We are an AU Shadowhunters site, come join us be a Mundane, Faerie, Vampire, Werewolf, Warlock, or Shadowhunter
250 Felworld
0 0
Original modern supernatural fantasy world. Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Hunters, Sorcerers, all are playable.

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