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51 Standing Trials Fantasy RPG
1 0

Standing Trials is a fantasy forum RPG set in Idalos - a world of magic, Immortal Beings, intrigue, power, politics and romance. We are an active site with friendly staff - come join us!
52 Star Wars: The Saga Continues
1 0

53 Devil You Know
1 3

Devil You Know is an alternate-universe Marvel + DC crossover RPG that allows personal interpretation of canons and welcomes original characters. What happens when Thanos and Darkseid team up? Come find out!
54 Dead Men Tell No Tales
1 0

Captain Jack Sparrow had seen a lot and been through hellish time he is facing the butcher of the sea Armando Salazar who escaped the devil's triangle. Salazar,
an evil pirate hunter Jack thought he had got rid off in the devils triangle but the Spani
55 Forced Heroes
1 0

An Rp inspired by Dragon Ball that also draws inspiration from the likes of Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and others for an exciting and unique playground. Create our own character, interact with the world, and forge your own destiny.
56 Dragon Riders of Berk
1 1

It has been 27 years since the attack of Drago Bludvist and his dragon army. A whole new set of Dragon Riders, armed with their dragons and ready to defend the archipelago, must find a new outpost, explore further, and discover exciting new dragons.
57 The Walking Dead: Silent Screams
0 0

Welcome to The Walking Dead: Silent Screams. This group is slightly AU which means we follow the series and comic but add in our own little twist. There is no exact season that we are starting this group with. There will be sections that will enable all m
58 Dershingham Vale
0 0

A succession of disappearances shakes up the town of Dershingham Vale. There are rumors of a strange, unidentifiable person that visits the same spot each night in Barrington Thicket, a forest located behind the Preston property. There they remain until d
59 Masquerade Academy
0 0

There is magic in the world. Brookings, NV is the epicenter of this magic and as such draws those with Gifts and of mythical origins to its small town and school. Except there is evil in the world that wants to snuff magic out, and will do anything to do
60 Blood of the Exalted
0 0

A modern fantasy / horror rp. All your favorite monsters but with a twist!
61 Closer
0 0

We are an 18+ city/resort/university site that welcomes all characters. Our primary focus is on OOC community and character development.
62 Stars In Their Eyes
0 0

There have been stories.. Stories, of the old days that were past down from generation to generation, about four clans that strongly believed in those that they called 'Starclan', a clan full of star-like cats that hunted in the Silverpelt, full of cats
63 Phantaisie
0 0

Semi-fantasy, freeform all animal RPG. Low sentence post minimum, IC group and character design flexibility, welcoming community, and all RP styles welcome.
64 Chasing The Moon
0 0

A fantasy play by post site where you live in a world called Mist Haven. The adventures never end and time stands still. What kind of adventure will you have?
65 wizarding warfare
0 1

A futuristic AU Harry Potter RPG
66 The Fandom Gathering
0 0

A Christian based community that offers original and fandom based RPs. We have our own World in the works and open fandom worlds for you to participate in! Come join our journey today!
67 Battle for Fillory
0 0
Magic is darker in the world with Hedge Witches practicing in secret and Magicians being taught at Brakebills. Both will soon be dealing with The Beast from Fillory, a world of magic once thought fictional.
68 Theatre of Souls
0 0

Loosely based on the 1991 Swedish tabletop game "Kult", Theatre of Souls takes the main concepts of said game and pushes the envelope, focusing on the written form.
69 Lux Falls
0 1

Takes place in a small town in New England. Home of the unusual, it has become a gathering point for the supernatural. It is controlled by the Irish mob who protects the inhabitants while pushing drugs and running guns through it's local motorcycle gang.
70 Seeking Redemption
0 0

A semi-realistic feline and canine roleplay featuring two packs, Pixduas and Sardothian. Choose your fate as you walk among bloodied grounds.
71 Gallows Humour
0 0

A Fable III rpg set after the Nightcrawler's defeat, the citizens of Albion are facing many ongoing crises. The increasing werewolf population, highway robberies, cursed artefacts; and now trouble is brewing in Bloodstone, the pirate haven.
72 Journey to the Stars
0 0

Mass Effect Andromeda Roleplay which has been around since July 2017. Hosted on JCINK, we are LGBT friendly and offer diverse missions and writing prompts. We also have a character leveling system for both original characters and canons alike. Come join a
73 Dance of Dragons
0 1

We are an AU RPG based on the Blackfyre Rebellion. With the death of King Aegon IV, the realm was thrown into turmoil. The son he never claimed as his own sits on the Iron Throne, and many whisper "Daeron the Falseborn" behind his back.
74 Rebels & Mutineers
0 0

A special abilities site in modern day. We are set in New Orleans, Louisiana.
75 The Wolf and the Rose
0 0

An AU OUAT Rpg. Looking for canons and OC's. Active 1 year.

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