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51 Muses Mayhem
0 2

Ever wanted to join a place where you can RP in several verses, with minimum drama? Or perhaps a place where you can discuss where a certain verse is going? You've come to the right place! We are a community of literate roleplayers, and we love what we do
52 Dragonball GX
0 0

Welcome to Dragonball Generations GX Our site is set in an AU Universe that allows our writers the freedom they deserve. Set in a Era where every 1500 years the God of Everything erases every universe, every planet, and every person in existence. Soon, to
53 A Shadow Born
0 1

30 years past TES V: Skyrim. The Civil War has dwindled to nothing, but there is another force at hand that may change the lives of all.
54 Bloody Love
0 1

An extremely AU TVD/TO based rp site.
55 Mithra
0 1

AIVAS was a failure and radiation has caused the creatures of Pern to change quite a bit. Whers with unusual abilities and unusual colors, the other Weyrs of Pern aren't too happy about the amount of out of the ordinary creatures coming from Mithra.
56 Medicine Information
0 0

Complete and detailed information on medical products to make your medicine search easy. Over 60,000 items
57 Bleach Story RPG
0 0
AU Bleach Roleplay Forum, where you can create your own RP character.
58 Blood Rush
0 1

Sunnydale has fallen, L.A. was saved, and now the new supernatural hot spot, Mystic Falls, has drawn not only creatures but slayers and hunters as well.
59 Showdown
0 0

60 Seeking Redemption
0 0

A semi-realistic feline and canine roleplay featuring two packs, Pixduas and Sardothian. Choose your fate as you walk among bloodied grounds.
61 Fortuna
0 3

An original fantasy sandbox that focuses on world, and character storylines from start to finish.
62 Dance of Dragons
0 2

We are an AU RPG based on the Blackfyre Rebellion. With the death of King Aegon IV, the realm was thrown into turmoil. The son he never claimed as his own sits on the Iron Throne, and many whisper "Daeron the Falseborn" behind his back.
63 Shades of History
0 2

Have you ever wondered how one point in history could have changed the world? How about if you had been in control of the decisions and choices of key points? Imagine yourself writing a novel with roots in the History of England at the end of the 15th cen
64 My Little Journey
0 0
Site closed
65 Honor the Fallen - A Shingeki no Kyojin RP
0 1

Honor the Fallen is a canon-based Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) roleplay! HTF's goal is to provide a friendly, literate roleplay community set in the world of the popular manga/anime series Shingeki no Kyojin and we are geared toward intermediat
66 Legends of Arda
0 2

Well Met.

Legends of Arda is a new rp and writing forum based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.
67 Choices We Made
0 0

There are no more Heroes.... There are no more Villains.

Friendships have been tested.... Teams have been broken.

The war has only just begun.
68 Phantaisie
0 0

Semi-fantasy, freeform all animal RPG. Low sentence post minimum, IC group and character design flexibility, welcoming community, and all RP styles welcome.
69 Lux Falls
0 0

Takes place in a small town in New England. Home of the unusual, it has become a gathering point for the supernatural. It is controlled by the Irish mob who protects the inhabitants while pushing drugs and running guns through it's local motorcycle gang.
70 wizarding warfare
0 0

A futuristic AU Harry Potter RPG
71 D'Sanctine Weyr
0 0

10th Pass Pern, Southern Continent, AIVAS was never discovered. Dragonkind is growing and the Weyrs must expand! Non-Canon!
72 The Wolf and the Rose
0 0

An AU OUAT Rpg. Looking for canons and OC's. Active 1 year.
73 Link Start!
0 0

On November 6, 2022, the virtual reality gaming company ARGUS released a Virtual Reality MMORPG called SWORD ART ONLINE, as developed by KAYABA AKIHIKO. It was supposed to be a gamer's dream. Little did they know that the minute they logged into the game,
74 Transformers Prime: Convergence
0 0

Transformers Prime: Convergence is a literate roleplay forum based upon Transformers: Prime with an AU plotline diverging from the pilot episode. We incorporate canon material and characters from TFP and RID, but our unique story allows for endless new op
75 Sky of Stars
0 0

In a chaotic forest occupied by rouge cats, there are five alliances. Nothing is ever set in stone, and the alliances are always shifting. But from the valleys beyond the forest, there is a sixth alliance with more sinister intentions - and only the fores

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