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201 Moon Pride
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Moon Pride is an alternate universe literate Sailor Moon roleplay set in Crystal Tokyo, in the year 2900. We offer the Solar Senshi of the series(along with Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion), Chibi Senshi, Enemy Faeries, and original characters!
202 The Grim Veil
0 0
A Premium 18+ Harry Potter RP set in 2021. A group called the Candleers set about to create a space to talk to the dead, but instead they set free spirits upon the living. It's been a year, and with the newly formed Death Eaters and Order, things are cert
203 Legacy Endures
0 0
We are an AU Charmed RPG that follows the next generation of witches. Our site focuses on two powerful magical families that will soon join together to defeat the ultimate evil that took their own loved ones away. A site based on justice and forming an ul
204 Chaos Theory
0 0
We know you've wanted to manipulate canons and make them more your own. Do you want to make Superman evil? Harley a hero? The possibilities are endless when you join Chaos Theory.
205 Dawn Of Olympus
0 0
Cronus, Uranus, Hades, Jason, Medea. Do these names ring a bell or have something in common? Here you have all the common figures associated with death, destruction, war and misfortune within Greek mythology. But not here. Although these darklings may hai
206 Abrora
0 0
Abrora is a mature original dystopian fantasy. We focus on both politics and war. We have many species and include demons, monsters, lycanthropes and different realms. We have many canons, want ads, and factions to choose from. OCs are wanted!
207 Darkly Charmed
0 0
It's 2052 and magic has been exposed to the world. The Underworld has succeeded in exposing
a destroying the Charmed Ones. Witch hunts came and the Halliwell line scattered for safety.
An earthquake, the Big One they all dreaded finally came and nea
208 Ark City
0 0
A gently futuristic, metahuman RP set in 2167 with a heavy political bent. Intermediate to advanced writers; diverse characters; welcoming community.
209 Exalted Kingdoms
0 0
An X-Men RPG set in a time with medieval kingdoms, fantastical creatures, and a struggle for ultimate dominance, humans co-exist with elves, dwarves, and fairies.
210 United Nations Of Eden
0 0
Eden is a world where any character can be brought in regardless of the universe they belong to as long as their power level is kept at a certain level. The roleplay itself is very young but it is managed by two game masters that love the universe as much
211 Half Blood Generation
0 0
Half Blood Generation is a Percy Jackson themed RP site playing in the Rick Riordan universe in 2050 The Gods had mercy with Persephone and got her out of hell, to proof her good will she's send to camp half blood to support Chiron and Mr.D but a week aft
212 Program: Actuality
0 0
Program: Actuality is a post by post mmo rp set in the near future. The newest craze, Program: Actuality brands itself as an escape from the real world into the fantastical.
Only, once you log in, there's no log out...
213 Infinite Evolution: Omnia Mutantur
0 0
Infinite Evolution: Omnia Mutantur is an alt-future X-Men: Evolution RPG.
Canon and original characters welcome.
214 American Money
0 0
American Money is a realistic roleplay site set in the fictional town of Greycoast, in Nebraska, United States of America. We've been kicking since January 2018, and the town is somewhere between Hastings and Lincoln.
215 Fight Against The Darkness
0 0
Arrow and SPN crossover. takes place a month after Laurel Lance's death in season 4 of Arrow and goes AU from there
216 Hogwarts Live School
0 0
o RPG Hogwarts Live School é um RPG de Harry Potter online, interativo, com aulas em tempo real. O primeiro a usar o sistema via chat, inovador. Com fichas e habilidades para sistemas de combate, complexo e divertido.
217 We Fight or We Die
0 0
It is the year 2185. The Collectors have been defeated, Shepard's crew has survived the Suicide Mission, and Shepard herself has been grounded on Earth by the Alliance. As Shepard's crew prepares for the inevitable arrival of the Reapers, the Galaxy cont
218 In Sickness And In Hell
0 0
Imagine the Wizarding world as you know it,
except without any of the canons from the book.
Join in and create your own story without worrying about
any ties that come from having the book history to remember.
Whichever path you and your character cho
219 Shadows of the High Plains (SoHP)
0 0
Stories about the common man and woman, the heroes, yearning to find and build their place under the sun, and their battles against the ills of old western society.
220 our amaranthine
0 0
jcink premium small town fantasy with friendly staff, no word count and a loose player driven atmosphere.
221 Forgotten Purrs
0 0
Countless moons have passed since the fall of the original Clans. Their stories were passed, from mother to son, father to daughter, preserved through words. A new generation, a new set of Clans, has risen from their ashes, only to find that the world und
222 Something Blue
0 0
Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly a
223 Ironvale
0 0
Ironvale exists far beyond the extinction of the human race. Far beyond the continental divides that shook the earth and tilted the axis. Beyond the volcanic eruptions that blotted the sky with smoke and ash for years on end.

Our great ancestors made
224 TW's Forums
0 0
A forum that is mixed with all kinds of things. Members can RP anything they like, Share stories and graphics, and make friends.
225 Darvey Island
0 0
Darvey Island: An original HP universe RPG set on a provincial New England island, exclusive to the wizarding kind, featuring and active wizarding council and community as well as its own private school of witchcraft and wizardy, Ouroboros Academy.

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