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Profane is an LGBT-friendly RP set in the Caribbean featuring werewolves, witches, vampires hunters, kelpies, undines, naga and fae and welcomes a wide range of faces and characters.
202 Kismet Divided
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AU Loveless RP forum. Septimal Moon - the government - has been oppressing its people for decades, prioritising those with written fates in the form of "true names" over those without such fates. Those that are in the know are amassing in retaliation.
203 United Nations Of Eden
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Eden is a world where any character can be brought in regardless of the universe they belong to as long as their power level is kept at a certain level. The roleplay itself is very young but it is managed by two game masters that love the universe as much
204 As Above, So Below: A Dragon Age RP
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18+, 3/3/3, faceclaims optional, Jcink premium.

As Above, So Below is a play-by-post RPG based on the Dragon Age series of video games. Play takes place during Dragon Age: Inquisition as our characters navigate cutthroat politics, tumultuous relationship
205 In Rukbat's Shadow
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A non-canon, 10th Pass Dragonriders of Pern roleplay with a rating of 2-2-2 featuring mutations in dragons, whers, firelizards and unique species.
206 Once Upon a Nightmare
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Your childhood favorites with a sinister twist, this four year old Dark/High Fantasy site boasts a relaxed setting with a host of active members and characters always eager to welcome new friends.
207 Lost In Time
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LIT is a roleplay site open to all persons involved in the world of roleplay. We roleplay many different genres and we have different ways that persons can roleplay on our site. We have forum roleplay , Main chat or private chat , Comments and/or inbox me
208 Half Blood Generation
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Half Blood Generation is a Percy Jackson themed RP site playing in the Rick Riordan universe in 2050 The Gods had mercy with Persephone and got her out of hell, to proof her good will she's send to camp half blood to support Chiron and Mr.D but a week aft
209 Pleasantville
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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are The Connection, a group of spiritual inter-dimensional beings that will help get you acclimated to The Realm. However, after this introductory phase, you will interact more closely with our assistants (other Keepers
210 Aeipathy
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Will the Gods decide your fate? Or will you decide your own destiny? Aeipathy is an intermediate-to-advanced roleplaying game set in ancient times with three culturally-diverse kingdoms in play, with plans for expansion.
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SMALLER SOUL is a canon-divergent RWBY role play forum that follows the events of the series, but allows for some member modification. We are not wholly AU or canon -- feel free to check us out if this sounds interesting to you!
212 Let's Stay Together
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In the small town of Kaibara, Japan, resides many people who are living day to day, just trying to survive the slings and arrows of misfortune that life throws at them, but also discovering the things that make living easier, happier, and more worthwhile.
213 Marvel Heroes RPG
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The Marvel universe is HUGE and we enjoy dipping our feet in it utilizing both canon characters and originals! Join our active community to roleplay some of the biggest events in Marvel comics like Civil War and Secret Invasion, or make up our own plots!
214 Loyalty Binds Us
0 1
We're an alternate universe roleplay set in Tudor England. King Arthur Tudor lives and reigns, and has been king for ten years.
215 Copper Harbor
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Welcome to Copper Harbor! We are a fictional town, located in Northern Washington State. We have a university that we are very proud of. There is drama, life, laughter, love, and plenty more. Join in on the fun!
216 Omne
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Omne is a fantasy multiple species animal roleplay including wolves, lions, tigers, and more. We feature 9 free to play species and 10 branches of magic. New members get a bonus just for joining!
217 Solvitur Charta
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On this multigenre roleplay site we welcome everybody. Whether you are an RP veteran or just started last night, from OCs to panfandoms, we welcome you.. We have various help sections as well as games and journals
218 Essence of Horhsal
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Essence of Horhsal is an RP website playing in a world of dramatic scale with 8 custom-made races, space for dozens of countries, unique continents that are not just Earth 2.0, the ability to add your own creations, and much more!
219 Star Wars: Phoenix Rising
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An Au New Trilogy Era RP with no app and no word count.
220 teritus
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a combined supernatural/abilities site set in a futuristic alternate universe complete with canons and constant events.
221 New Panem
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The peace of Panem and the Capitol only lasted for almost 3 decades. Wars between districts began to brew, alliances destroyed. It only proved that there was no such thing as real peace among the districts. Snow granddaughter, elected the new President, s
222 Chaos Theory
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We know you've wanted to manipulate canons and make them more your own. Do you want to make Superman evil? Harley a hero? The possibilities are endless when you join Chaos Theory.
223 Dawn Of Olympus
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Cronus, Uranus, Hades, Jason, Medea. Do these names ring a bell or have something in common? Here you have all the common figures associated with death, destruction, war and misfortune within Greek mythology. But not here. Although these darklings may hai
224 Our Heroes and Villains
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We're an AU Once Upon a Time RP based after the Underworld events of season 5a, with loose connections to elements from 5b. Our new realms allow for more characters than a typical Once site- we're a panfandom too!

The Horned King was accidentally rele
225 Devil In Me
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Devil In Me is a modern-day supernatural fantasy rp that is set in Los Angeles, CA! We are a no word count site with a long list of species to look through. We offer canons and lots of wanted ads. Our members love to plot so definitely come check us out!

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