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201 Plagued
0 0
Post-Apoc, Supernatural, Zombie! No WC, Easy Ap

On January 21, 2017 the dead rose from their graves, and with them came the plague of hell. Satan's own minions, known as Overminds, controlled the Lessers and swept the undead army across the globe, crip
202 The Kingdom: An Original Steampunk Fantasy RP
0 0
Set in an AU world where one kingdom, fearing magic, threatens war against another kingdom that welcomes magic users. The Resistance is gathering on both sides. Where will you land? On which side will you fight? Join The Kingdom and find out today!
203 Fractured
0 0
Fractured is a member-driven,low word count, canine roleplay based in the fictional city of Arkala.
204 Always & Forever
0 0
An Au Future based Originals RPG. The Hollow is free and more powerful than ever. Will you fight against her or for her?
205 Leave Me Lonely
0 0
Los Angeles is a city of opportunity, but at what cost? Some will play it safe in this game of fame, while others will do whatever it takes to make it in this world. How will you make this city your own? Shipper App - No WC
206 Bloody Love
0 0
An extremely AU TVD/TO based rp site.
207 For Gold & Ashes
0 0
An AU ASOIAF/Game of Thrones writing experience that deviates from canon around the time of an unsuccessful Robert's Rebellion. Make allies, enemies, and lifelong friends. Just be ready to play the great game.
208 Star Wars: Forever Infinite
0 0
The Jedi have returned. The Sith have emerged from the shadows. As the galaxy readies for yet another war, the biggest players in the oldest game have returned. When the dust settles, who will be left alive?
209 Shinsei Weyr
0 0
AU site that takes place on Earth. Thread is now a menace and Pern must save the day!
210 Moon Pride
0 0
Moon Pride is an alternate universe literate Sailor Moon roleplay set in Crystal Tokyo, in the year 2900. We offer the Solar Senshi of the series(along with Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion), Chibi Senshi, Enemy Faeries, and original characters!
211 Willow Wood
0 0
A simplified animal roleplay. Create your own pack, start your own family, make new friends (IC and OOC), and just roleplay without the hassle or stress of a word count.
212 United Nations Of Eden
0 0
Eden is a world where any character can be brought in regardless of the universe they belong to as long as their power level is kept at a certain level. The roleplay itself is very young but it is managed by two game masters that love the universe as much
213 Copper Harbor
0 0
Welcome to Copper Harbor! We are a fictional town, located in Northern Washington State. We have a university that we are very proud of. There is drama, life, laughter, love, and plenty more. Join in on the fun!
214 Lost In Time
0 0
LIT is a roleplay site open to all persons involved in the world of roleplay. We roleplay many different genres and we have different ways that persons can roleplay on our site. We have forum roleplay , Main chat or private chat , Comments and/or inbox me
215 Once Upon a Nightmare
0 0
Your childhood favorites with a sinister twist, this four year old Dark/High Fantasy site boasts a relaxed setting with a host of active members and characters always eager to welcome new friends.
216 Hey, it's Hannah Baker.
0 0
When Hannah Baker killed herself, the once peaceful and lovely town changed. Not many of the citizens dare to talk about it; but it's there. They can all feel it, no matter how hard one tries to hide it. But as most things here in life, sorrow is hard to
217 Marvel Heroes RPG
0 2
The Marvel universe is HUGE and we enjoy dipping our feet in it utilizing both canon characters and originals! Join our active community to roleplay some of the biggest events in Marvel comics like Civil War and Secret Invasion, or make up our own plots!
218 Let's Stay Together
0 0
In the small town of Kaibara, Japan, resides many people who are living day to day, just trying to survive the slings and arrows of misfortune that life throws at them, but also discovering the things that make living easier, happier, and more worthwhile.
219 Chaotic Origin
0 0
In a world you thought you knew, secrets remain hidden in the shrouds of time and destiny. Welcome, to Chaotic Origin... Picture it, modern day Seattle, while the rain pelts or falls in endless sheets soaking the city in her watery veil, the darkest corne
220 We Fight or We Die
0 0
It is the year 2185. The Collectors have been defeated, Shepard's crew has survived the Suicide Mission, and Shepard herself has been grounded on Earth by the Alliance. As Shepard's crew prepares for the inevitable arrival of the Reapers, the Galaxy cont
221 Bigger Yet Badder | Stranger Things
0 0
A Stranger Things roleplay site with it's own twist. The Demogorgon is back but with it's true master, Tiamat. This monster is much worst, it's a dragon with five heads and each one has it's own unique power. Who will survive with this new monster runn
222 Children of Moon
0 0
A literate, semi-realistic, tribal fantasy wolf RP with a unique take on wolves, abilities, mutations, and the world as its inhabitants know it. Come and explore the Three Rivers Sound, a bastion of what seemed like safety to those that came before. Disco
223 Bulletproof
0 0
brand new canine rp--come start your own pack
224 Herofall
0 0
An original high fantasy sandbox world. Full of magic, monsters, multiple races and a mature roleplay community.
225 Legends of Tomorrow
0 1
A freedom play by post lion rpg where you can create all of your desires!

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