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201 Kushiel's Legacy
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Kushiel's Legacy is a mature first person alternate timeline roleplay, set over 60 years after the original trilogy created by Jacqueline Carey, following our own timeline. There are no canon characters, and extensive knowledge of the books is not require
202 ghost reveires
0 0
GHOST REVERIES is set in a small town of Pine View, Oregon, where things aren't all as happy or quaint as they seem on the outside. Lately, there has been a rise in disappearances, while the people of the town hold their loved ones close and fear the wors
203 Gloriana
0 0
Gloriana is an Historical AU set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Play as an OC or a real historical personality. LGBTQ+ Friendly. All welcome.
0 0
205 -
0 1
206 semuaall
0 0
video mp3 mp4 hd
207 Hocus Pocus
0 0
HOCUS POCUS is an au charmed inspired rpg that is based in the year of 2042. A next generation that clashes the original with the new.
208 Anikira
0 0
Open since 2008, Anikira is an semi-realistic advanced wolf RP that allows it's members to write freely with very little content restriction. We have a fun and friendly environment with a variety of members who are always up to new plots.
209 - Dedicated Servers Music and Media
0 0
Music, Media, Gaming, Dedicated servers, Reseller Plans cPanel + Linux os, Gaming Servers and more. Check out our website today and support our sponsors.
210 Underground Wrestling Entertainment
0 0
UWE is a fictional professional American wrestling company run by owner Paul Heyman! Here, like many other federations, we feature a weekly show with the month usually ending in a pay-per-view event!
211 Dragon Ball: Broken Destiny
0 0
Discover your destiny in this alternate universe Dragon Ball RPG forum set 400 years after the start of Z. A customization class based forum role playing game, we have a wide variety of options when it comes to character classes, races, and traits which a
212 Games of Destiny
0 0
We are an AU TVD & Supernatural crossover that include book canons in the fictional town of Mortis Hollow, Massachusetts. The events take place after human Elena and her friends have graduated and Sam gotten his soul back.
213 outbreak: zero
0 0
The world is in pandemonium as one month ago, GHNv-20 was confirmed.The number of the infected are in the higher hundred thousands, and the death toll is at an estimated 250,000. The fear of the unknown has caused mass hysteria and panic.
214 Queen Death
0 0
Everything seems to be peaceful, and yet in the shadows Kai is planning on getting his revenge on everybody that has made his life miserable. He tried to resurect Tatia Petrova to get her to distract the Mikaelson, but when that didn't work, he went to re
215 Drift
0 0
Drift is fantasy multi-species with limited content restrictions, canines/felines/equines and mythical creatures. We are a friendly community and would love to have you!
216 Candide
0 0
Candide is a 3-3-3, laid back, no word count roleplay site with a heavy emphasis on character interactions and development in a more sandbox-style environment. If bleak, dystopian worlds mixed with a dash of the supernatural are your thing, you're in the
217 elpida
0 0
real-time wizarding world roleplay with a focus on a centralized school in the "lost" city of atlantis, near the bermuda triangle. original character (oc)'s only! est. may 2020. jcink premium. 18+. lgbtqia+ friendly!
218 After life
0 0
In a world where the dead walk among the living, the thought of thriving sounds impossible.

But somehow, it seems as if the people of Providence are doing just that.

It's been nearly ten years since the outbreak. There's peace and security within th
219 Seventh Sanctum
0 0
Seventh Sanctum is an open lore, high fantasy inspired animanga roleplay, featuring player-driven stories, zero word counts, and a simple activity check.
220 Wickedly Magical
0 0
A once upon a time rp
221 Tenderness of the Heart
0 0
Regency era RPG based on the Season of 1812. Will you find love? Marry for money? Or will you ruin your family's name? Perhaps you intend to scale the social ladder? Come and make your own story on Tenderness of the Heart.
222 Fire With Fire
0 0
to FIRE WITH FIRE! We are The vampire diaires, The Originals and Legacies roleplay group.

Lizzie and Josie has brought Kai back and with him he brought a few people from Mystic Falls and a few from New Orleans to toy with the residents in both
223 Canyon River Weyr
0 0
Canyon River has grown into its own. The first weyr to hatch mutated colors, CRW struggles with a bandit hold called Kepler to the south... who recently hatched a first class of Weyrless dragons. 8th pass, casual pace, battle system.
224 overflow
0 0
Settled across a national park in the States, two clans, FernClan and AshClan, have fought for generations over the ever shifting borders that come with the lakes. Greenleaf is prosperous, leafbare is harsh, and the presence of tourists are constantly hov
225 Fairy Tail Dream
0 0
Fairy Tail Dream is an animanga noncanon FT site with a post-apocalyptic twist. It's an open universe, meaning that you are not limited to the scope of the canon universe, and able to create whatever characters with whatever abilities you wish with a fair

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