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276 Eos Weyr
0 0
Non canon Pern site where a fallen thread caused a radiation which infected all life around. With dragons being banished from the Northern land, can Eos hope to save them?
277 Advent Destiny
0 0
Advent Destiny is a Gundam role play community. Join an existing RP or start one in your preferred Gundam universe. We love Gundam and RP.
278 As Above, So Below: A Dragon Age RP
0 1
18+, 3/3/3, faceclaims optional, Jcink premium.

As Above, So Below is a play-by-post RPG based on the Dragon Age series of video games. Play takes place during Dragon Age: Inquisition as our characters navigate cutthroat politics, tumultuous relationship
279 In Rukbat's Shadow
0 0
A non-canon, 10th Pass Dragonriders of Pern roleplay with a rating of 2-2-2 featuring mutations in dragons, whers, firelizards and unique species.
280 Call of Winter
0 2
In the Game of Thrones, you have to choose which path you take praying the gods are kind enough to lead you to victory than to your most untimely death. AU Season 6 Game of Thrones site set just before the Battle of the Bastards.
281 Live Like Legends
0 0
DCTV, Roswell and The 100 Multi Crossover RPG focused in an AU universe where Sara Lance uses the Spear of Destiny to bring her sister Laurel back to life and the effects her choice has on the timelines.
282 Dragon Riders of Berk
0 0
It has been 27 years since the attack of Drago Bludvist and his dragon army. A whole new set of Dragon Riders, armed with their dragons and ready to defend the archipelago, must find a new outpost, explore further, and discover exciting new dragons.
283 Reignite
0 1
A post-trilogy Mass Effect RP set twenty years after the Reaper War.
284 The Red Star Rises
0 2
A 9th pass Pern with a twist!
285 Soldier On
0 0
When the silver crystal is stolen, evil begins to stir in the cosmos. Queen Selene calls four guardian senshi to the Moon Kingdom, and requests the rest of the universe be on high alert. Anime/Manga Silver Millennium AU Roleplay.
286 Far Harbor
0 1
Far Harbor is a relaxed 18+ and no word count RPG for people who enjoy Fallout. We are based in Far Harbor, the location introduced in the DLC of the same name, and we are set before the Sole Survivor is released.
287 We Are Bulletproof
0 0
A small town paranormal site with mini events. Play as a wide variety of character types. No word count, no app, just create accounts and play!
288 City At War
0 0
We are an all level supernatural roleplay community with no strict word count. When the supernatural revealed themselves, man acted out of fear and tried to wipe them off the face of the planet. Which side will you take?
289 Edge Of Infinity
0 1
Edge of Infinity is a no word count AU MCU RP including the X-Men and Fantastic Four, reimagined for the setting, OCs are also welcome. With a heroic tone, there are frequent events and adventures where heroes can develop their own rogues galleries!
0 0
It's 2076 and the world is changing. The second omnic crisis is banging on our doors. Talon is pulling melovolent strings. Buildings are being built out of light. Revolutionists are yelling in the streets. Equality is being starved for. Heroes are coming
291 RISE
0 0
Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future. [no wc-shipper app-color coded society-futuristic]
292 Ignorant Justice
0 1
Welcome to Earth 69, home of the Ignorant Justice RP. With the influence of the DC comics, we bring to you a batch of superheroes and villains with our own personal mix of drama. Welcoming characters of all shapes and sizes. Hope to see you there!
293 Live And Let Die
0 1
Esther and Mikael are back.
The Trinity want ultimate power.
And hunters have made their presence known
Can the return of the Faction restore peace in the city or will all hell break loose?
0 1
The year is 2027 and The Wizarding World has changed Gone are the days of the old quill and parchments, owl mail is used only for nostalgic reasons, and technology is rapidly intertwining into the seams of magic itself. With no big baddie threatening to t
295 Destiny's Dawn
0 0
296 Dyadic Theorem
0 0
Dyadic Theorem is an AU futuristic fantasy role play centered around the city of New Rome and its inhabitants.
297 Opulence
0 2
A semi-realistic, wild canine rp for intermediate to advanced players.
298 Fractured
0 1
Fractured is a member-driven,low word count, canine roleplay based in the fictional city of Arkala.
299 Talewind
0 0
Talewind is a play-by-post medieval fantasy roleplay that focuses on the adventures and struggles of a family of gryphons, known as Clan Talewind. We're a laid-back and friendly group, with no activity requirements, word count, or character approval proce
300 Always & Forever
0 3
An Au Future based Originals RPG. The Hollow is free and more powerful than ever. Will you fight against her or for her?

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