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26 Welcome To Riverdale
2 0

Amadaus has found a way to harness the power of Sunnydale's hell mouth. Sam and Dean come to help Buffy and the gang to stop him. Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie are in Riverdale dealing with their own drama. Can they stop their enemies in time?
27 Star Wars: The Saga Continues
2 0

28 Blessed are the Abansoned
2 1

Blessed are the Fallen is a post zombie apoc RP set in the fictional town of Harmony, recently abandoned by the military, many residents are struggling to cope.
29 Teair Nova
2 0

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm.
30 Devil In Me
1 0

Devil In Me is a modern-day supernatural fantasy rp that is set in Los Angeles, CA! We are a no word count site with a long list of species to look through. We offer canons and lots of wanted ads. Our members love to plot so definitely come check us out!
31 A War of Kings
1 0

War of Kings is a Pre-Infinity War RP. We encompass the entire MCU from films to television shows and accept the canons and even characters that are comic based that have not shown up yet.
32 Our Heroes and Villains
1 0

We're an AU Once Upon a Time RP based after the Underworld events of season 5a, with loose connections to elements from 5b. Our new realms allow for more characters than a typical Once site- we're a panfandom too!

The Horned King was accidentally rele
33 Affliction
1 0

Original supernatural rp. Modern day.Vampires, Weres, Mermaids, Fairies, Sidhe, and more!
34 Winter is Coming
1 0

We are a Game of Thrones intermediate/advanced AU role play forum. Our Plot begins based loosely at the beginning of Season 4. Join us!
35 By Tooth And Claw Dragons
1 0

BTACD is an original high fantasy play-by-post role-playing site located on a Premium Jcink forum, founded in 2003. Choose from any of our 80+ species, delve into our immersive lore, and come explore the Realms today!
36 Dungeon of Storms
1 0

A 2018 forum for RPers to discuss OCs and worldbuilding. Post your OCs, ask for writing help, advertise your RP.
1 0

Chromantics is an original animanga roleplay, mixed with various genres like fantasy, post apocalyptic dystopian future and supernatural qualities. In this world humans have developed abilities based on the color each were born with. What color are you?
38 Fortify
1 0

A Young Justice and DC Comics RPG, we accept OCs and canons and post a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Our setting takes place a year after S2 of YJ and the world is caught in the crossfire of arms race!
39 In Dire Straits
1 1

IDS is an open plot feral RPG with light fantasy elements. Our close-knit community of artists and writers have been weaving stories together without pause since 2005. Start your own chapter.
40 Hogwarts Online School
1 0

Hogwarts Online School is a very active 9 year old AU Harry Potter RPG on ProBoards.
41 The Lion King: Twisted Fate Rpg
1 0

Twisted Fate is a TLK roleplay forum currently set in Ahadi's reign. Conflict can be found within the prides, between prides, and the beginnings of a religious war loom on the horizon. What side are you on? Why do the shadows whisper for rebellion, revolu
42 Transformers Prime: Convergence
0 0

Transformers Prime: Convergence is a literate roleplay forum based upon Transformers: Prime with an AU plotline diverging from the pilot episode. We incorporate canon material and characters from TFP and RID, but our unique story allows for endless new op
43 Echoes of Earth
0 1

We are a semi au RP site based on the TV show the 100, with plenty of available canons, countless opportunities for plotting, and we welcome OCs!
44 Animorphs Continuation
0 0
The Yeerk Empire has been defeated. Earth knows non-humans exist. But the galaxy is not at piece. The Animorphs have disappeared. The Andalites seem to want to suppress the other species' progress. Crime and terrorism are on the rise, and there are rumors
45 Star Trek Frontiers
0 0

A Star Trek roleplay based 20 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis (post TNG/DS9/VOY). Starfleet has recently launched the latest Enterprise, with an all new crew, but it's not the only action. Ship and extra-ship roles available, no word count, al
46 Glory of Justice: Marvel & DC RPG
0 1

We are a Marvel & DC Comics roleplaying forum based on movieverse. We only accept canons and encourage creativity.
47 Caribbean Dawn
0 0

1720, West Indies flourishing in a colonial paradise. Allied Navies and privateers fighting pyracy. Who will raise from the ashes of the war into a blooming colonial life? Raise to swashbuckling adventure, spending some time with us in the CARIBBEAN DAWN!
48 beautiful crime
0 2

a real life fictional city rp set in oceangrove ,Florida-shipper app
49 Honor the Fallen - A Shingeki no Kyojin RP
0 0

Honor the Fallen is a canon-based Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) roleplay! HTF's goal is to provide a friendly, literate roleplay community set in the world of the popular manga/anime series Shingeki no Kyojin and we are geared toward intermediat
50 Marvel Redemption
0 2

An 18+ Marvel AU that is set in the year 2018.

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