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26 -
10 7
27 Rapture Rising
8 7

A 1950's utopian city. In a city unrestrained by laws or morals, genetic enhancements are on the rise leaving everyone superior versions of themselves.
28 Loyalty Binds Us
8 28

London, 1519. King Arthur Tudor lives and reigns in our Alternate Universe setting. But the royal courts are as full of intrigue and plotting as ever.
29 Desi O'Connell
7 10

If you like the CW Arrowverse with a bit of AU, you'll love the Arrow. We love our OC's. We have multiple Earths & doppelgangers. We celebrated our fourth anniversary. Come & take a look at
30 Wicked Little Things
7 3

Wicked Little Things is a modern, supernatural rp. We are also a Jcink premium community. In the tiny town of Cinderfall, all manner of mysticism occurs. Each full moon, townspeople turn to wolves and the names in the local cemetery match up with current
31 Eleutheria
6 3

The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme over a broken and defeated Attica. Soldiers are returning home, but will peace remain or will treaties fall? Welcome to Eleutheria!
32 Tenderness of the Heart
6 2

Regency era RPG based on the Season of 1812. Will you find love? Marry for money? Or will you ruin your family's name? Perhaps you intend to scale the social ladder? Come and make your own story on Tenderness of the Heart.
33 interplanetary
5 4

a world still recovering from a harsh intergalactic war. characters can be a captain who owns their own ship and embarks on daring and dangerous adventures or missions, or a bounty hunter out for their next bounty, or rebels fighting against the empire
34 After life
5 3

In a world where the dead walk among the living, the thought of thriving sounds impossible.

But somehow, it seems as if the people of Providence are doing just that.

It's been nearly ten years since the outbreak. There's peace and security within th
35 Chasing Dusk
5 2

An Island based Warriors cats roleplay based off of the original four clans created by Erin Hunter. Chasing Dusk has two clans, JungleClan and TidalClan - as well as the secretive Tribe of Twisted Roots. Jump on in and make a splash with us.
36 Marvel Evo
4 2

Marvel: Evolution is a forum based role play game that pulls inspiration from all sources. The site's current plot focuses solely on the mutant question, though with time our plot will expand to include other evils and the heroes that stare down those evi
37 Seven Pillars
4 1

Play as humans, elves, fae, were-creatures, and orcs, royalty, gladiators, pirates, mages, oracles, and more - all with a unique spin in a high fantasy world with feudal, city-state, and tribal nations.
38 Absinthe - Victorian London
4 3

At the height of the Victorian era, London is the place to be. Considered the pinnacle of wealth and civilization, England has positioned itself atop the global food chain. But for all its vibrancy and prestige, there is darkness and malady in The Smoke.
39 Estorica
4 3

Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphan
40 Seventh Sanctum
4 3

Seventh Sanctum is an open lore, high fantasy inspired animanga roleplay, featuring player-driven stories, zero word counts, and a simple activity check.
41 Fairy Tail Dream
4 0

Fairy Tail Dream is an animanga noncanon FT site with a post-apocalyptic twist. It's an open universe, meaning that you are not limited to the scope of the canon universe, and able to create whatever characters with whatever abilities you wish with a fair
42 Zenith
4 1

We're a multi-species free form roleplay where you can play wolves, foxes, and coyotes!
43 Heart of the West
3 1

3|3|3 -If you like the shoot 'em up, feuds between families or groups and the darker side of the west, or if you enjoy the warmth of a simpler time where friendships were made and neighbours talked and shared; we cater for both. 2yrs +
44 Follow Me Down
3 3

We are an original modern supernatural RP set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The witches say the magic is strong in the Crescent Ridge area, which is why so many supernaturals are drawn to it.
45 Atricis: Awakening
3 0

An alternate timeline, non-canon, 9th Pass Pern site. Atricis Weyr has left its crumbling Weyr and built a new Weyr in the South, New Atricis Weyr. Pern is changing, and Atricis has led the charge into the unknown.
46 In eXtremis
3 3

In eXtremis is an AU X-Men site that allows mix and match canon from films, comics, games, and cartoons. Put your own spin on your favourite characters and join the evolution. 18+ 3/3/3 jcink premium.
47 Caelmor RP
3 1

Caelmor is a bustling city packed with humans and Supernaturals alike. The lore is some of your classic supernatural myths with a funky twist.
48 Pine Hollow
3 1

We're a brand new JCink supernatural small city set in a fictional town in Oregon. We offer plenty of species, a welcoming atmosphere, and the chance to expand your characters through play. We offer a pretty unique plot with sub-plots and a chance to help
49 Vector
3 2

An original cyberpunk / space western roleplay. Inspired by Blade Runner and Firefly. Huge universe, endless possibilities!
50 Innovo Weyr
2 0

A Weyr born under the Red Star, Innovo faces repeated attempts at political assassination and struggles to mediate the cultural fallout when oddly-colored dragonets are shelled on its sands. As Thread evolves, so too does dragonkind. 10th Pass. LGBTQA+

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