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26 Earth-617
13 8

A Marvel AU that allows Canons and OC's, where our members help with the plot!
27 Kingdoms of Thareveth
13 17

Kingdoms of Thareveth is open world RPG where just about anything is possible. Character based rather than site-wide plot based, writers can create their own, unique characters and plots without having to be concerned with an overreaching story line. Only
28 Innovo Weyr
12 3

10th Pass non-canon Pern! Odd colors, even odder Threadfall, and a new Weyr to populate!
29 In Dire Straits
10 4

IDS is an open plot feral RPG with light fantasy elements. Our close-knit community of artists and writers have been weaving stories together without pause since 2005. Start your own chapter.
30 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
9 7

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
31 Mistborn of Scadrial
9 2

High fantasy, no word count. In a world where the sun is red, plants are brown, and ashes fall from the sky, the Lord Ruler controls his empire with a tight fist. The society is divided into noblemen and the enslaved skaa, and mysterious creatures roam th
32 JLUnited [AU DC & Marvel RP]
8 1

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or create an oc to play! We can't wait to see you there!
33 Tempest Harbor
8 1
Tempest Harbor is an original supernatural site that takes place in a small town in the northeastern part of the United States. We have a 300 word count, two application forms, several species and canons to choose from, and a very receptive and open commu
34 Cry Wolf
8 3

An AU Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Fae and werewolves have come out to the public and the Tri-cities of Washington have found themselves a hub of supernatural activity.
35 our amaranthine
7 0

jcink premium small town fantasy with friendly staff, no word count and a loose player driven atmosphere.
6 3

The year is 2027 and The Wizarding World has changed Gone are the days of the old quill and parchments, owl mail is used only for nostalgic reasons, and technology is rapidly intertwining into the seams of magic itself. With no big baddie threatening to t
37 Welcome To Riverdale
5 0

Amadaus has found a way to harness the power of Sunnydale's hell mouth. Sam and Dean come to help Buffy and the gang to stop him. Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie are in Riverdale dealing with their own drama. Can they stop their enemies in time?
38 Kitaro Weyr
5 0

A plague swept Pern, and life struggled. People died in droves, and those that survived didn't do so unscathed. They became...different. Some of them grew tails, or claws, while some are unchanged. The dragons, too, changed. New colours, extra limbs - and
39 Star Wars: The Saga Continues
5 0

40 Dungeon of Storms
5 3

A 2018 forum for RPers to discuss OCs and worldbuilding. Post your OCs, ask for writing help, advertise your RP.
41 In Sickness And In Hell
5 1

Imagine the Wizarding world as you know it,
except without any of the canons from the book.
Join in and create your own story without worrying about
any ties that come from having the book history to remember.
Whichever path you and your character cho
42 Maybe Not Today
4 1

We are an AU The walking dead site we welcome Canon, original, game and comic characters!
43 Storybrooke Maine
4 1

A Once Upon A Time/Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Role Play Forum. Created by adults, for adults. Let the magic, & your imaginations run free, as you bring these stories & characters to life. But remember, all magic, has it's price..JCINK PREM.
44 Ironvale
4 1

Ironvale exists far beyond the extinction of the human race. Far beyond the continental divides that shook the earth and tilted the axis. Beyond the volcanic eruptions that blotted the sky with smoke and ash for years on end.

Our great ancestors made
45 infinite dreams
4 4

Infinite Dreams is a moderate to intermediate, mature role-playing site where we pick up from where Captain America: Civil War left off and into a future where the Infinity Stones shall come in play.
46 Desi O'Connell
4 0

Welcome to The Arrow. The DC CW-verse as you've never seen it. We've started over and gone AU. We have Earths 1, 2, 3, 19,38 and Earth X. Canons, site canons & Doppelgangers galore. Create your character at
47 Magical Hogwarts
3 3

Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG with an expansive setting. We accept adult characters as well as students attending Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Drivers of all levels are welcome.
48 Tallygarunga | The Australian Potterverse
3 1

Set in the magic of the Australian bush, Tallygarunga is the little-known school for Australian wizards. Featuring all new classes, a vibrant town life, and a warm and welcoming community.
49 Ark City
3 6

A gently futuristic, metahuman RP set in 2167 with a heavy political bent. Intermediate to advanced writers; diverse characters; welcoming community.
3 1

Set in modern day Boston MA where two werewolf packs battle for territory, vampires are cleaning up their act even helping out the wolves while humans and witches attempt to start a war against the supernatural by any means necessary.[9YRS]

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