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26 Cry Wolf
29 14

An AU Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Fae and werewolves have come out to the public and the Tri-cities of Washington have found themselves a hub of supernatural activity.
27 Roleplay Central Database
28 26

Founded in 2011, Roleplay Central Database is a culmination of roleplayers from all over the world. With hundreds of active members looking to write, our unique "List" places hundreds of roleplayers in an easy-to-use and searchable database.
24 19

Welcome to Mystic Falls. 'STAKED' has no official premise other than the events leading up to The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Our AU will begin to differ after the events of The Reckoning where Klaus first began his Hybrid army. From that point on out we w
29 Innovo Weyr
23 20

A Weyr born under the Red Star, Innovo faces repeated attempts at political assassination and struggles to mediate the cultural fallout when oddly-colored dragonets are shelled on its sands. As Thread evolves, so too does dragonkind. 10th Pass. LGBTQA+
30 Heart of the West
22 3

3|3|3 -If you like the shoot 'em up, feuds between families or groups and the darker side of the west, or if you enjoy the warmth of a simpler time where friendships were made and neighbours talked and shared; we cater for both. 2yrs +
31 JLUnited [AU DC & Marvel RP]
20 9

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or create an oc to play! We can't wait to see you there!
32 Disposable Heroes
20 4

Supernatural Next Generation AU Post Season 5 Finale. 2035. The hunting world has come out of long retirement and old connections are coming back to light while the rest of the world is coming face to face with their worst nightmares.
33 Zenith
17 2

We're a multi-species free form roleplay where you can play wolves, foxes, and coyotes!
34 Alohomora
17 0

A next generation Harry Potter RPG
35 Courirnu
13 2

Courirnu is an original real-life small-town roleplay about a peaceful village in southern France where a friendly community exists, the natural environment is protected, and the practice of nudism is common among its residents and tourists.
36 Thedas & Beyond
10 1

A play by post, roleplaying game based on the Post-Trespasser Dragon Age: Inquisition setting.
37 Desolate Skies
9 3

The clans fell apart moons ago due to a plague that ripped through them. Moons later, they united under four siblings in a new home... however, the clans are far from what they used to be!
38 Let's Stay Together
8 2

In the small town of Kaibara, a prestigious family by the name of Sohma holds a terrible secret, as they are cursed with the animals of the zodiac legend. Anyone outside of the cursed must have their memories erased... except for one.
39 Chasing Dusk
7 0

An Island based Warriors cats roleplay based off of the original four clans created by Erin Hunter. Chasing Dusk has two clans, JungleClan and TidalClan - as well as the secretive Tribe of Twisted Roots. Jump on in and make a splash with us.
40 Caileach Island
7 0
In a world that is run by science satellites and the internet. How does a pocket of the world still keep hidden. MAGIC! Whiles adults have to find a place in the world Cailleach island is a safe haven for the young growing teens of the magical side. Caill
41 Something Blue
7 2

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly a
42 Myst of Avsolom
7 9

The Myst of Avsolom is an original high fantasy role play forum set in the middle ages. On the RPG scale the site is 3/3/3 and 18+
43 In Dire Straits
6 3

IDS is an open plot feral RPG with light fantasy elements. Our close-knit community of artists and writers have been weaving stories together without pause since 2005. Start your own chapter.
44 Legends of Amarna
6 1

Legends of Amarna is a fantasy animal roleplay with shape-shifting elements, a medieval based world, and very few design and magic restrictions. Created to encourage creativity and fun, come check us out today!
45 NOLA Aparecium
6 1

A war is brewing between the local Wizarding community in New Orleans, and the Vampire Clan who lives nearby. The Vampires are tired of wizards thinking that creatures are lesser, and the wizards are afraid that Vampires may begin attacking their loved on
46 Pine Hollow
6 2

We're a brand new JCink supernatural small city set in a fictional town in Oregon. We offer plenty of species, a welcoming atmosphere, and the chance to expand your characters through play. We offer a pretty unique plot with sub-plots and a chance to help
47 Seven Pillars
5 3

Play as humans, elves, fae, were-creatures, and orcs, royalty, gladiators, pirates, mages, oracles, and more - all with a unique spin in a high fantasy world with feudal, city-state, and tribal nations.
48 Royals & Rebels
5 5

An original low medieval fantasy. Rebellions, war, political intrigue, and power struggles... the price of the crown is blood...
49 Ad Astra
5 2

Ad Astra, to the stars. The year is 2525, Earth is no more and humans has expanded beyond SOL. Are you ready to write your own story? Fly among the stars or explore the many new worlds Ad Astra has to offer!
5 4

Welcome to Novas, where the Color you are born into determines your future. [no wc-shipper app-color coded society-futuristic]

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