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26 Moon Pride
3 0

Moon Pride is an alternate universe literate Sailor Moon roleplay set in Crystal Tokyo, in the year 2900. We offer the Solar Senshi of the series(along with Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion), Chibi Senshi, Enemy Faeries, and original characters!
27 Look to the Stars
3 0

LTTS is an intermediate+ rpg based on fantasy equines. Horses of all shapes, colors and sizes can join or challenge for herds, pay tribute to the Firstborns and outlast the Darkness -- a dark and mysterious entity that exists in a corner of the night sky.
28 Affliction
2 0

Original supernatural rp. Modern day.Vampires, Weres, Mermaids, Fairies, Sidhe, and more!
29 The Kingdom: An Original Steampunk Fantasy RP
2 0

Set in an AU world where one kingdom, fearing magic, threatens war against another kingdom that welcomes magic users. The Resistance is gathering on both sides. Where will you land? On which side will you fight? Join The Kingdom and find out today!
2 0

We are a moderate to intermediate level collaborative writing site, based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
31 Eternal City RP
2 1

ECRP is a growing OC/Premade Supernatural roleplay. With Chat & Forum roleplays and 10 species and more than 100 members
32 Kingdoms of Thareveth
2 0

Kingdoms of Thareveth is open world RPG where just about anything is possible. Character based rather than site-wide plot based, writers can create their own, unique characters and plots without having to be concerned with an overreaching story line. Only
33 Whispers from the Ashes
2 0

Whispers from the Ashes is an original historical fantasy set in a discordant land ruled by kingdoms of humans and elves. Dragons dominate the skies and pirates ravage the seas, while sirens entrance those careless enough to be caught in their song.
34 Renatus Sturzregen
1 2

Original high fantasy roleplay, with over 8 unique races with sub species. The world is in a continuous battle for leadership help fight the wars, bring peace or bring chaos. Choose how the world is shaped, fight in war, become royalty.
35 For Gold & Ashes
1 0

An AU ASOIAF/Game of Thrones writing experience that deviates from canon around the time of an unsuccessful Robert's Rebellion. Make allies, enemies, and lifelong friends. Just be ready to play the great game.
36 The Hunger Games Trilogy: Panem Forever
1 0

Panem Forever
AU Hunger Games Role Play
37 Destiny's Dawn
1 0

Destiny’s Dawn is an X-MEN centric board set after our own original event known as the Cerebro Incident which you can read about in our FAQ section.
38 The Shattered Gems
1 0

AU Marvel/DC. Unlimited possibilities. The Endless have changed the end but now the Gems are shattering. Has a new end begun?
39 Elzynthia
1 0

Elzynthia is a fantasy world like no other. Here you'll find a wide array of fantasy horse breeds and a realm, culture, and RP opportunity you won't find anywhere else on the internet.
40 Aurora Sky
1 0

Aurora Sky is a shared world RP set in a unique sword-and-sorcery setting designed to facilitate both grand adventures and subplots of any stripe. 2-2-3 content rating. Help us shape a world of humans, elves, shifters, and other magical beings! No WC.
41 Shinka!!! A Digimon RP
1 0

Shinka!!! is a stats-free Digimon roleplay where we emphasize storytelling, character development, and player freedom. Evoluion and cool powers aren't locked behind post count requirements.
42 Magi: The World of Magic Roleplay
1 0

Based off of the manga and anime written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, the World of Magic invites all roleplayers to join and create their very own characters living within the Magi universe! Conquer dungeons, gain Djinn, and someday you may just be
1 0

Set in modern day Boston MA where two werewolf packs battle for territory, vampires are cleaning up their act even helping out the wolves while humans and witches attempt to start a war against the supernatural by any means necessary.[9YRS]
44 Echoes of Earth
1 0

We are a semi au RP site based on the TV show the 100, with plenty of available canons, countless opportunities for plotting, and we welcome OCs!
45 Abrora
1 0

Abrora is a mature original dystopian fantasy. We focus on both politics and war. We have many species and include demons, monsters, lycanthropes and different realms. We have many canons, want ads, and factions to choose from. OCs are wanted!
1 1

The year is 2027 and The Wizarding World has changed Gone are the days of the old quill and parchments, owl mail is used only for nostalgic reasons, and technology is rapidly intertwining into the seams of magic itself. With no big baddie threatening to t
47 Creative Freedom RPG
1 0

Breaking free from the oppression of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying.
48 Apocalypse Not
1 2

A Future based TVD/TO rpg site. We are a site where battle of the fittest makes its toll. Come battle it out, choose your side.
49 Roleplay Haven • a Roleplay Community
0 1

a safe place for roleplayers of all fandoms. We appreciate your visit a lot! Feel free to open your imagination and express your creativity. There is no limit for it! Together we are able to create worlds beyond anything you have seen before! Write for an
50 Dishonored
0 0

Original dystopian rp; the world as we knew it has ended. A civil war remains. A lot has happened in five years and victory for the Resistance against the Valley's tyrant rulers is more uncertain than ever. So, who's side are you on? Does it even matter?

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