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26 Hocus Pocus
8 4

HOCUS POCUS is an au charmed inspired rpg that is based in the year of 2042. A next generation that clashes the original with the new.
27 The Ericourt
7 2

The Ericourt is an advanced 3/3/3 medievalesque play-by-post roleplay with a focus on court intrigue. Here, we heavily feature adult themes and pride ourselves on being a community of mature writers who put the game first and have a ton of fun.
28 Pine Hollow
6 8

We're a brand new JCink supernatural small city set in a fictional town in Oregon. We offer plenty of species, a welcoming atmosphere, and the chance to expand your characters through play. We offer a pretty unique plot with sub-plots and a chance to help
29 Chasing Dusk
5 1

An Island based Warriors cats roleplay based off of the original four clans created by Erin Hunter. Chasing Dusk has two clans, JungleClan and TidalClan - as well as the secretive Tribe of Twisted Roots. Jump on in and make a splash with us.
30 Disposable Heroes
5 2

Supernatural Next Generation AU Post Season 5 Finale. 2035. The hunting world has come out of long retirement and old connections are coming back to light while the rest of the world is coming face to face with their worst nightmares.
4 0

A small city in Massachusetts, Tempest Harbor has found itself at the epicenter of supernatural living for quite some time. With an established distaste between the two werewolf packs, the rise in tension within the vampire community, and two witch heirs
32 Cry Wolf
4 0

An AU Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Fae and werewolves have come out to the public and the Tri-cities of Washington have found themselves a hub of supernatural activity.
33 Wicked Little Things
4 3

Wicked Little Things is a modern, supernatural rp. We are also a Jcink premium community. In the tiny town of Cinderfall, all manner of mysticism occurs. Each full moon, townspeople turn to wolves and the names in the local cemetery match up with current
34 Roleplay Central Database
4 5

Founded in 2011, Roleplay Central Database is a culmination of roleplayers from all over the world. With hundreds of active members looking to write, our unique "List" places hundreds of roleplayers in an easy-to-use and searchable database.
35 Absinthe - Victorian London
4 4

At the height of the Victorian era, London is the place to be. Considered the pinnacle of wealth and civilization, England has positioned itself atop the global food chain. But for all its vibrancy and prestige, there is darkness and malady in The Smoke.
36 Caelmor RP
3 0

Caelmor is a bustling city packed with humans and Supernaturals alike. The lore is some of your classic supernatural myths with a funky twist.
37 Royals & Rebels
3 3

An original low medieval fantasy. Rebellions, war, political intrigue, and power struggles... the price of the crown is blood...
38 Dead Men Tell No Tales
3 0

This swash-buckling tale Of stories follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate Captain, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for the Lost City Of Gold Atlantis. Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of the governor and the love
39 X-Men: Divided We Fall
3 1

X-Men: Divided We Fall is an alternate-universe X-Men RPG that pulls inspiration from comics & film to craft our own world. Canon & Original characters welcome! No word count! We lay the groundwork; you tell the story!
40 Seven Pillars
2 4

Play as humans, elves, fae, were-creatures, and orcs, royalty, gladiators, pirates, mages, oracles, and more - all with a unique spin in a high fantasy world with feudal, city-state, and tribal nations.
41 Something Strange
2 1

Something Strange is an au originals/tvd/legacies based rpg. We offer new and original species, along with show canons and original canons. We are very character driven and jcink prem.
42 Innovo Weyr
2 0

A Weyr born under the Red Star, Innovo faces repeated attempts at political assassination and struggles to mediate the cultural fallout when oddly-colored dragonets are shelled on its sands. As Thread evolves, so too does dragonkind. 10th Pass. LGBTQA+
2 2

PROGRAM: ACTUALITY IS A MMO RP set in the near future. The newest craze, PROGRAM: ACTUALITY brands itself as an escape from the real world into the fantastical.
Only, once you log in, there's no logout...
44 The Kitchen Sink
2 2

The Kitchen Sink is a jcink multi-genre mature rated sandbox site. With a focus on the board, the roleplay and the plotting the old fashioned way. There is no application, no character cap, and a small minimum word count of 100 words. Come join us where w
45 Conquest
2 0

Welcome to Conquest, a casual fan based Disney roleplay where canon and fan characters are free to interact in an open-world roleplay and join one of several armies or go solo. Fights, romance, betrayal - anything can happen here!
46 Eleutheria
2 0

The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme over a broken and defeated Attica. Soldiers are returning home, but will peace remain or will treaties fall? Welcome to Eleutheria!
47 Rapture Rising
2 3

A 1950's utopian city. In a city unrestrained by laws or morals, genetic enhancements are on the rise leaving everyone superior versions of themselves.
48 Forgotten Purrs
2 1

Countless moons have passed since the fall of the original Clans. Their stories were passed, from mother to son, father to daughter, preserved through words. A new generation, a new set of Clans, has risen from their ashes, only to find that the world und
49 Loyalty Binds Us
2 1

London, 1519. King Arthur Tudor lives and reigns in our Alternate Universe setting. But the royal courts are as full of intrigue and plotting as ever.
50 feeling electric
1 3

Welcome to Ashworth, a hidden gem in the South Wales area of the United Kingdom. The town is rich in supernatural history, its very foundation built on a peace treaty following a war over 700 years ago that still holds true today. Ashworth is teeming with

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