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101 Magi: The World of Magic Roleplay
1 1
Based off of the manga and anime written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, the World of Magic invites all roleplayers to join and create their very own characters living within the Magi universe! Conquer dungeons, gain Djinn, and someday you may just be
102 Song Remains
1 0
The stories lives on 25 yrs into the future. A Supernatural Next Generation RP.
103 Kingdoms of Thareveth
1 1
Kingdoms of Thareveth is open world RPG where just about anything is possible. Character based rather than site-wide plot based, writers can create their own, unique characters and plots without having to be concerned with an overreaching story line. Only
104 Foresta Academy
1 1
Foresta Academy is a school for gifted beings and scientific experiments! We are a modern fantasy role play looking for new members!
105 The Hunger Games Trilogy: Panem Forever
1 0
Panem Forever
AU Hunger Games Role Play
106 Built to Fall
1 0
Built to Fall is a supernatural themed roleplay set in modern day New Orleans. Our site is rated M for Mature, so we ask that our players be 18 years or older to join. We do not have a word count and we have a shipper application. We strive for a friendly
107 Aeterna Roma
1 3
AU Historical Ancient Rome RPG set in 74CE.
108 Multiverses Collide
1 1
multiverse rp
109 Fear The wolves
1 1
An Original Superpowers Roleplay
110 Shattered Alley
1 0
0ur journey began with a great wind hailing from the north which shattered our world into pieces. Since then we have prevailed in the face of the darkness that loomed over us day by day. We have thrived in this new world and our story has only just begun.
111 Lord of Thrones: A Game of Rings
0 1
Lord of Thrones: A Game of Rings is a Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones crossover rp forum, where the heroes of Westeros and Middle Earth come together for adventures on a truly epic scale. Winter is coming my friends, and the shadow of Sauron spreads acr
112 Age of Dragons
0 1
Robert's Rebellion failed. The Targaryen dynasty is still strong.
113 Rebels & Mutineers
0 0
A special abilities site in modern day. We are set in New Orleans, Louisiana.
114 Sky of Stars
0 1
In a chaotic forest occupied by rouge cats, there are five alliances. Nothing is ever set in stone, and the alliances are always shifting. But from the valleys beyond the forest, there is a sixth alliance with more sinister intentions - and only the fores
115 Derelict
0 2
Derelict is a futurustic sci-fi board. The setting is a mysterious space vessel called Derelict, one room of which all the ship's occupants are locked within. Discover your future, relearn your past, and explore the ship.
116 Lunari Addunt
0 0
Discover a place where fantasy is reality and humans are extinct. Run with Shifters, howl with Werewolves, relax with Mora, dance with Vampires, or party with Hybrids. LA is a friendly, creative, and close-knit community. Come join the fun!
117 Charmed Beginnings
0 4
Magic is real and three sisters are about to find that out. They are about to find out that not only is it real, but that they are witches. Witches with power and a destiny. They will have to learn fast because the magical world knows about them, and i
118 Sins & Shadows
0 2
The Royal Province of New York is home to more than just ordinary mortals. Supernatural beings have quietly inhabited the colonies since the 16th century.
119 Nightmares Past
0 1
We are a supernatural small town and wild horse roleplay set on a small island in the Pacific. All magical creatures are accepted, with a wide variety of players and open to all roleplaying styles and experience. Stop in and check us out!
120 Justice League: Origin
0 0
Welcome to Justice League: Origins, an RPG loosely based on the DC comics/movie/tv verse. We welcome original characters as well as an array of canons to choose from. We hope you have fun roleplaying with us!
121 What We Do
0 0
What We Do is an AU X-Men Cinematic Universe RPG, set 30 years after the events of Apocalypse. Professor X is dead, Magneto is the new headmaster of the X-Men. The world is falling into chaos, and the Mutant Registration Act has risen for discussion. Will
122 Aglaia
0 3
The lands of Aglaia are beautiful, untainted and free of human life.
The storms that drove the humans away are remembered by the only beings that remained, the cats.
123 Follow The Mocking Jay
0 0
The 74th Annual Hungar Games has ended Katniss and Peeta have won and gotten closer and they now getting ready to head out on the victory tour but what will happen when Katniss realizes she is not acting anymore but she really does love Peeta. What will h
124 The Mirror of Erised
0 0
125 Infinite Loop
0 0
AU Undertale RP where the monsters are not behind a barrier but instead stuck in a loop of time living the same two months over again. The monsters are calling for help.

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