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101 Masquerade Academy
0 1
There is magic in the world. Brookings, NV is the epicenter of this magic and as such draws those with Gifts and of mythical origins to its small town and school. Except there is evil in the world that wants to snuff magic out, and will do anything to do
102 Charmed Beginnings
0 0
Magic is real and three sisters are about to find that out. They are about to find out that not only is it real, but that they are witches. Witches with power and a destiny. They will have to learn fast because the magical world knows about them, and i
103 Astoalla
0 0
Astoalla is a semi-realistic feline rpg! We focus on a friendly and fair community. We offer a variety of felines to create as well as over 40 places for roleplaying. Come chat with us!
104 Dershingham Vale
0 0
A succession of disappearances shakes up the town of Dershingham Vale. There are rumors of a strange, unidentifiable person that visits the same spot each night in Barrington Thicket, a forest located behind the Preston property. There they remain until d
105 Legends of Arda
0 0
Well Met.

Legends of Arda is a new rp and writing forum based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.
106 Sinner's Touch
0 0
An original small town supernatural role play with a unique version of vampires, werewolves, and witches with a play on the history from the bible. "In the beginning there were two divine brothers, Lucifer and Abba..."
107 Whispers from the Ashes
0 0
Whispers from the Ashes is an original historical fantasy set in a discordant land ruled by kingdoms of humans and elves. Dragons dominate the skies and pirates ravage the seas, while sirens entrance those careless enough to be caught in their song.
108 Only A Memory Away
0 0
Only A Memory Away is an AU Sailor Moon site with combat mechanics. With all original characters, we are heavily plot-focused, with elements of fantasy, science fiction, and more.
109 Mass Effect: From Ashes
0 0
from ashes is a 3-3-3, 18+ mass effect au roleplay site set in 2167, in a pre-shepard milky way galaxy. we are set ten years after the events at shanxi and the first contact war. with a focus on the building relationships between all of the sentient races
110 Hearts Reborn
0 0
Panfandom RP with a Kingdom Hearts base; plenty of canons open, no character limit, and site-wide plots soon to come!
111 Dance of Dragons
0 1
We are an AU RPG based on the Blackfyre Rebellion. With the death of King Aegon IV, the realm was thrown into turmoil. The son he never claimed as his own sits on the Iron Throne, and many whisper "Daeron the Falseborn" behind his back.
112 Iron From Ice
0 1
I.F.I. is an au asoiaf/got game which takes place post season six. The second Battle of Winterfell has finished, Ramsay Bolton has fallen! But new enemies and allies await! Are you friend or foe? Come and play the Game of Thrones!
113 Olympus Has Fallen
0 0
Olympus Has Fallen is an intermediate post-Percy Jackson roleplay that takes place four years after the events of the Last Olympian, in 2014. The gods have disappeared and ancient forces are responsible. A new generation of heroes are left to defend the o
114 The 5th Wave
0 0
The first wave was an electromagnetic pulse that took out all forms of technology. It killed around half a million people.

The second wave: earthquakes and tsunamis; it made the first wave look like child play. The second wave killed 3 billion people.
115 Felverse
0 0
An original Scifi/Fantasy Multiverse
0 0
117 Never Ending Story
0 0
A sandbox-based Pokemon rpg allowing a large world for characters to explore and raise Pokemon. Many character classes are available.
118 MMORPG warofhell game
0 0

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

119 Expecto Patronum
0 0
When darkness once more threatens their peace of mind, the three most powerful schools for magic in Europe find themselves bound together more permanently than they could have ever imagined. 200+ Words. Post Potter. Currently 2023.
120 The Creed,online - make history your playground
0 0
A unique collaborative writing experience allowing you to explore the past as you've never encountered it before

Your journey all starts at our community hub - where you can interact with the community, register your character, and find plots and upcom
121 Law of the United
0 0
Are you ready to be united?
122 Mithra
0 1
AIVAS was a failure and radiation has caused the creatures of Pern to change quite a bit. Whers with unusual abilities and unusual colors, the other Weyrs of Pern aren't too happy about the amount of out of the ordinary creatures coming from Mithra.
123 Dragonball GX
0 0
Welcome to Dragonball Generations GX Our site is set in an AU Universe that allows our writers the freedom they deserve. Set in a Era where every 1500 years the God of Everything erases every universe, every planet, and every person in existence. Soon, to
124 Holy Smokes
0 0
A multi-fandom roleplay site based on TV shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural and many more. No WC, Freelance App. HOLY SMOKES, YOUR SHIP HAS RECENTLY MADE A CRASH LANDING AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'LL BE STICKING AROUND FOR A WHILE. SO WHAT DO YO
125 Ignorant Justice
0 0
Welcome to Earth 69, home of the Ignorant Justice RP. With the influence of the DC comics, we bring to you a batch of superheroes and villains with our own personal mix of drama. Welcoming characters of all shapes and sizes. Hope to see you there!

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