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101 small towns and BIG DREAMS
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In the town of Bailey, Montana there are only about eight hundred people and it was founded about a month after the state became a state. Bailey happens to be home to a mountain resort named Azure Valley Resort. It opened about fifty years ago and runs al
102 canine concept
0 0
brand new feral canine rpg set in a post apocalyptic world
103 By the Moon
0 0
An AU TVD/TO site where the Mystic Falls residents are unable to return due to the spell, so they head to New Orleans for help, not realizing they are entering a war not yet won.
104 Dire
0 0
dire is a mature fantasy RPG set in medieval times. We feature dire wolf shifters, humans, and a unique race of hunters. Each race has its own set of magic. Original, rich lore and welcoming community-- come explore our world!
105 The Legend of Zelda: Shades of the Past
0 0
A Legend of Zelda RPG that takes place 400 years in the future, where the legend of the hero has become myth. Many canon roles up for grabs!
106 MMORPG warofhell game
0 0

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

107 Expecto Patronum
0 0
When darkness once more threatens their peace of mind, the three most powerful schools for magic in Europe find themselves bound together more permanently than they could have ever imagined. 200+ Words. Post Potter. Currently 2023.
108 Dead Winter's Night Forums
0 0
A new social networking site to bring fandom role-players together in one place. You can start groups, maintain a blog, discuss science fiction and fantasy and more!
109 Starbound Skies
0 0
Protected by mighty guardians there was nothing to want for. For a long time cats have lived in peace. However now darkness is coming to their home. Shadows haunt the dreams of medicine cats, and an abomination was born within the clans, all portents of t
110 Fiore Village
0 0
A modern day Harvest Moon RP
111 Mortal Ends
0 0
We are a uniquely AU Marvel Universe that incorporates the Avengers & The X-Men into its primary plotline. Avengers, Mutants and Asgardians must soon gather arms together to protect all that is mortal, from reaching its final end.
112 What Lies Between
0 0
What Lies Between is a 18, Modern Supernatural Roleplay, with a diverse list of races to choose from as well as magical abilities. There is no word requirement and a very spacious activity requirement, with our 18 we are looking for all kinds of roleplaye
113 Salem
0 1
114 Aurora Sky
0 0
Aurora Sky is a shared world RP set in a unique sword-and-sorcery setting designed to facilitate both grand adventures and subplots of any stripe. 2-2-3 content rating. Help us shape a world of humans, elves, shifters, and other magical beings! No WC.
115 hashocean
0 0
Seven data-centres. High earning power.
Return on investment within 5 months.
15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever.

Try mining today!
116 If I Only Could
0 0
IIOC is a plot-driven roleplaying board based in an alternate version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We accept both canon and original characters, including Metahumans.
117 RpCenterStage
0 0
a place to meet new people and roleplay in a community that is strong againest no bullying. make Kingdoms and Empires,play with the fairies and Dragons,make friends and unlock your own adventure
118 The World of Neinus
0 0
A freeroam Wolf RPG with a completely custom world environment and more!
119 Swords of Speirling
0 0
Set in a fictional world called Speirling, with seven kingdoms locked in a power struggle. Original medieval-ish fantasy. Action-adventure/political intrigue/dark humor. No word count, rated mature, friendly, inclusive members and diverse characters.
120 up in smoke -au hunger games rpg
0 0
an au all levels of writers hunger games rp.
all original characters
the 44th hunger games are about to begin.
121 Worn at the Edges
0 0
We are a crossover forum, focusing on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. We offer original characters as well as original and character-centered plot points. Factions include: vampires, werewolves, hybrids, hunters, ghosts, and original factions.
122 In Want of Brains
0 0
A literate roleplay site based after the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.
123 We Troubled Few
0 0
With the creation of the new Pangea all species on the Earth were forced to live with one another. The supernatural creatures were able to create kingdoms separated from one another. Though some species did stick together in groups 5 kingdoms were made. T
124 Society's Fall
0 0
Society's Fall is based in 1960's California, where you have the unique opportunity to begin your character months before an world wide extinction sized event! Follow the newspapers closely as your character develops through the drama, only to be thrown
125 feeling electric
0 0
Welcome to Ashworth, a hidden gem in the South Wales area of the United Kingdom. The town is rich in supernatural history, its very foundation built on a peace treaty following a war over 700 years ago that still holds true today. Ashworth is teeming with

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