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101 Halls of Hydros
0 3
The Halls of Hydros is an original medieval fantasy roleplaying game set in an academy of magic in the backdrop of a continent full of diverse and barely peaceful nations. Whether you love politics, unique countries, magic, schools, diplomacy, intrigue, f
102 UnEnchanted
0 0
UnEnchanted is an active, semi-realistic canidae roleplay. The future is in YOUR hands!
103 Dishonored
0 1
Original dystopian rp; the world as we knew it has ended. A civil war remains. A lot has happened in five years and victory for the Resistance against the Valley's tyrant rulers is more uncertain than ever. So, who's side are you on? Does it even matter?
104 To The Wolves
0 0
To The Wolves is a new stable rp site set in Ocala, Florida with an emphasis on member-driven plots and no word count.
105 Speculation
0 1
Humanity has evacuated earth due to the increasingly uninhabitable state of it. There is both religious and scientific speculation on why earth became so. Come find out why...
0 0
107 Threnodies
0 0
0 0
PKMN HEROES is a non-canon, au plot-based pokemon roleplay with it's current plot centered in the Kanto Region. However, members are allowed to roleplay within other regions and have a chance to capture all official released pokemon!
109 Infinite Loop
0 0
AU Undertale RP where the monsters are not behind a barrier but instead stuck in a loop of time living the same two months over again. The monsters are calling for help.
110 Heroish
0 0
The last half of the twentieth century has been marred by violence surrounding Supers, individuals born with unique and extraordinary powers.The bloodiest of the conflicts takes place in Washington D.C, where pro- and anti-Super groups fight for dominance
111 Holy Smokes
0 1
A multi-fandom roleplay site based on TV shows such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Supernatural and many more. No WC, Freelance App. HOLY SMOKES, YOUR SHIP HAS RECENTLY MADE A CRASH LANDING AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'LL BE STICKING AROUND FOR A WHILE. SO WHAT DO YO
0 0
a safe place for roleplayers of all fandoms. We appreciate your visit a lot! Feel free to open your imagination and express your creativity. There is no limit for it! Together we are able to create worlds beyond anything you have seen before! Write for an
113 Oakenshore Roleplay
0 0
Welcome to Oakenshore!
A thriving coastal town, where the humanist movement just started spreading, encouraging the use of sciences and bettering the people of the town's lives!
While magic runs strong here, it's not the only such strong feeling; an adv
114 Isolation
0 0
It's been 1,107 years since Palenth was cut off from the Galactic Empire. What was once a prosperous planet has fallen to ruin, and supplies are getting scarce. Teams are forced to scavenge the bones of lost cities, but something lurks there...
115 Dementia
0 0
Dementia is a fairly new and fairly small literate roleplay site base don the streets of Los Angeles.
116 Gotham City's Darkest Nights
0 0
Bruce Wayne has been murdered by an unknown assailant, leaving the city vulnerable to the rising crime and corruption. It is up to the rest of the Batfamily & gotham's vigilante to fight it.
117 Rebels & Mutineers
0 0
A special abilities site in modern day. We are set in New Orleans, Louisiana.
118 Aglaia
0 2
The lands of Aglaia are beautiful, untainted and free of human life.
The storms that drove the humans away are remembered by the only beings that remained, the cats.
119 What We Do
0 0
What We Do is an AU X-Men Cinematic Universe RPG, set 30 years after the events of Apocalypse. Professor X is dead, Magneto is the new headmaster of the X-Men. The world is falling into chaos, and the Mutant Registration Act has risen for discussion. Will
120 Glory of Justice: Marvel & DC RPG
0 0
We are a Marvel & DC Comics roleplaying forum based on movieverse. We only accept canons and encourage creativity.
121 Age of Dragons
0 3
Robert's Rebellion failed. The Targaryen dynasty is still strong.
122 Ruolo - Roleplaying & Creative Writing Social Netw
0 0
A site made especially for Roleplayers and writers who love to share their stories. We accept all genres of roleplay and all kinds of writing.
123 Theatre of Souls
0 0
Loosely based on the 1991 Swedish tabletop game "Kult", Theatre of Souls takes the main concepts of said game and pushes the envelope, focusing on the written form.
124 Desolation City
0 0
In the last 14 years since the infection spread the world has changed. Cities no longer accept survivors for fear of infection, all except one, Desolation City.

We have now moved to Jcink.
125 The Arrow
0 0
Welcome to The Arrow. The DC CW-verse as you've never seen it. We've started over and gone AU. We have Earths 1, 2, 3, 19 & 38. Canons, site canons & Doppelgangers galore. Create your character at

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