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126 Star Trek Frontiers
0 1
A Star Trek roleplay based 20 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis (post TNG/DS9/VOY). Starfleet has recently launched the latest Enterprise, with an all new crew, but it's not the only action. Ship and extra-ship roles available, no word count, al
127 Closer
0 1
We are an 18+ city/resort/university site that welcomes all characters. Our primary focus is on OOC community and character development.
128 Forbidden Desires
0 2
A multifandom site based in Bon Temps, Louisiana. With Amara loose the different universes have collided and each group has been pushed towards Bon Temps for a safe haven, or so they thought.
129 Fools' Fief
0 0
Fools' Fief is a 700Ad-style fantasy world with open-source lore. Five factions contend with each other and seek to cast out the conquerors. Both canons and OCs are welcome, we are LGTBQI+ inclusive (we have a number of non-binary/gay/bi/gender-queer/tra
130 Fiore Village
0 0
A modern day Harvest Moon RP
131 Mortal Ends
0 2
We are a uniquely AU Marvel Universe that incorporates the Avengers & The X-Men into its primary plotline. Avengers, Mutants and Asgardians must soon gather arms together to protect all that is mortal, from reaching its final end.
132 The Legend of Zelda: Shades of the Past
0 1
A Legend of Zelda RPG that takes place 400 years in the future, where the legend of the hero has become myth. Many canon roles up for grabs!
133 Dire
0 0
dire is a mature fantasy RPG set in medieval times. We feature dire wolf shifters, humans, and a unique race of hunters. Each race has its own set of magic. Original, rich lore and welcoming community-- come explore our world!
134 Another Midnight
0 0
Wolf Pine is one of the last remaining gateways to hell. While many endlessly fight against the demons that enter through this portal, a coven of dark witches and warlocks have made a deal with the demons to open it permanently.
135 Starbound Skies
0 0
Protected by mighty guardians there was nothing to want for. For a long time cats have lived in peace. However now darkness is coming to their home. Shadows haunt the dreams of medicine cats, and an abomination was born within the clans, all portents of t
136 Dead Winter's Night Forums
0 0
A new social networking site to bring fandom role-players together in one place. You can start groups, maintain a blog, discuss science fiction and fantasy and more!
0 0
138 Olympus Has Fallen
0 0
Olympus Has Fallen is an intermediate post-Percy Jackson roleplay that takes place four years after the events of the Last Olympian, in 2014. The gods have disappeared and ancient forces are responsible. A new generation of heroes are left to defend the o
139 Never Ending Story
0 0
A sandbox-based Pokemon rpg allowing a large world for characters to explore and raise Pokemon. Many character classes are available.
140 Expecto Patronum
0 2
When darkness once more threatens their peace of mind, the three most powerful schools for magic in Europe find themselves bound together more permanently than they could have ever imagined. 200+ Words. Post Potter. Currently 2023.
141 MMORPG warofhell game
0 0

MMORPG free online game
Select a race and start playing. Hunt monsters summon them
do alchemy forge weapons beat lords get #1 rank top spot.
build an army. beat your enemies. FREE FOREVER

142 Cruelest Animal
0 0
Real-life set in Los Angeles, California. Highlighting on crime but welcoming the vast diversity of the major city. no word count, no activity check, application/shipper. Open as of October 3!
143 small towns and BIG DREAMS
0 0
In the town of Bailey, Montana there are only about eight hundred people and it was founded about a month after the state became a state. Bailey happens to be home to a mountain resort named Azure Valley Resort. It opened about fifty years ago and runs al
144 As The Crow Flies
0 0
As The Crow Flies is a Sons of Anarchy site set in between season 3 and 4. No word count. 3-3-3 content rating. Player driven plot.
145 Mystic Guardians
0 1
When humanity's protectors are threatened with elimination, can they learn to protect themselves, or is the instinct to put humans first too ingrained?
146 Worn at the Edges
0 0
We are a crossover forum, focusing on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. We offer original characters as well as original and character-centered plot points. Factions include: vampires, werewolves, hybrids, hunters, ghosts, and original factions.
147 up in smoke -au hunger games rpg
0 0
an au all levels of writers hunger games rp.
all original characters
the 44th hunger games are about to begin.
148 hashocean
0 0
Seven data-centres. High earning power.
Return on investment within 5 months.
15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever.

Try mining today!
149 feeling electric
0 1
Welcome to Ashworth, a hidden gem in the South Wales area of the United Kingdom. The town is rich in supernatural history, its very foundation built on a peace treaty following a war over 700 years ago that still holds true today. Ashworth is teeming with
150 Society's Fall
0 0
Society's Fall is based in 1960's California, where you have the unique opportunity to begin your character months before an world wide extinction sized event! Follow the newspapers closely as your character develops through the drama, only to be thrown

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