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126 Another Hogwarts
0 0
Welcome to Another Hogwarts, a Harry Potter role play set in the current year, 2017. Here at Another Hogwarts we encourage creativity, fun, and friendship. We do have a word count of 40 words, but you'll find that is not very much at all, and very easy to
127 I Dreamed A Dream
0 0
Set in the city of Haven, Animated Disney characters have come to life. They are no longer just fiction and cartoons, but real people with real jobs, lives, and relationships. Set in an alternate reality, these personas have no recollection of their previ
128 Astoalla
0 0
Astoalla is a semi-realistic feline rpg! We focus on a friendly and fair community. We offer a variety of felines to create as well as over 40 places for roleplaying. Come chat with us!
129 Legends of Arda
0 1
Well Met.

Legends of Arda is a new rp and writing forum based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien.
130 Charmed Beginnings
0 1
Magic is real and three sisters are about to find that out. They are about to find out that not only is it real, but that they are witches. Witches with power and a destiny. They will have to learn fast because the magical world knows about them, and i
131 Stars In Their Eyes
0 0
There have been stories.. Stories, of the old days that were past down from generation to generation, about four clans that strongly believed in those that they called 'Starclan', a clan full of star-like cats that hunted in the Silverpelt, full of cats
132 Lunari Addunt
0 1
Discover a place where fantasy is reality and humans are extinct. Run with Shifters, howl with Werewolves, relax with Mora, dance with Vampires, or party with Hybrids. LA is a friendly, creative, and close-knit community. Come join the fun!
133 Sky of Stars
0 1
In a chaotic forest occupied by rouge cats, there are five alliances. Nothing is ever set in stone, and the alliances are always shifting. But from the valleys beyond the forest, there is a sixth alliance with more sinister intentions - and only the fores
134 Aglaia
0 1
The lands of Aglaia are beautiful, untainted and free of human life.
The storms that drove the humans away are remembered by the only beings that remained, the cats.
135 Oakenshore Roleplay
0 0
Welcome to Oakenshore!
A thriving coastal town, where the humanist movement just started spreading, encouraging the use of sciences and bettering the people of the town's lives!
While magic runs strong here, it's not the only such strong feeling; an adv
136 Sins & Shadows
0 1
The Royal Province of New York is home to more than just ordinary mortals. Supernatural beings have quietly inhabited the colonies since the 16th century.
137 Rebels & Mutineers
0 1
A special abilities site in modern day. We are set in New Orleans, Louisiana.
138 Roleplay Galore
0 0
This is a multi-genre role-play site where members are welcome to create their own roleplays or join others.
139 Mass Effect: From Ashes
0 1
from ashes is a 3-3-3, 18+ mass effect au roleplay site set in 2167, in a pre-shepard milky way galaxy. we are set ten years after the events at shanxi and the first contact war. with a focus on the building relationships between all of the sentient races
140 Only A Memory Away
0 0
Only A Memory Away is an AU Sailor Moon site with combat mechanics. With all original characters, we are heavily plot-focused, with elements of fantasy, science fiction, and more.
141 Ties That Bind
0 0
The war is over, and Voldemort has won. While he rules the wizarding world, the order of the phoenix and the new death eaters are working together to end his reign of terror. Muggles know about wizard kind now, and witchhunters are on the rise.
142 Age of Dragons
0 0
Robert's Rebellion failed. The Targaryen dynasty is still strong.
143 What We Do
0 3
What We Do is an AU X-Men Cinematic Universe RPG, set 30 years after the events of Apocalypse. Professor X is dead, Magneto is the new headmaster of the X-Men. The world is falling into chaos, and the Mutant Registration Act has risen for discussion. Will
144 Silence at Last
0 3
Silence at Last is a literate werewolf & human RP, and is set in an imaginary farming town in Oregon. We welcome all levels of roleplayers, beginner to advanced, and we do not have a word count.
145 UnEnchanted
0 0
UnEnchanted is an active, semi-realistic canidae roleplay. The future is in YOUR hands!
146 Atricis: Awakening
0 2
An alternate timeline, non-canon, 9th Pass Pern site. Atricis Weyr has left its crumbling Weyr and built a new Weyr in the South, New Atricis Weyr. Pern is changing, and Atricis has led the charge into the unknown.
147 The pain within
0 0
Stefan's resistance is met with Elena's intrigue and determination, and she eventually discovers his secret: Stefan is a centuries-old vampire. As Elena and Stefan fall deeply in love, strange attacks begin to happen in the town while a dark and seductive
148 Rise of the Believers
0 0
Taking place long after the events of Rise of the Guardians, we enter a great Immortal War between the Guardians and the Nightmare King, with his new army ready to face them. 2yrs | jcink | character-driven
149 Mithra
0 1
AIVAS was a failure and radiation has caused the creatures of Pern to change quite a bit. Whers with unusual abilities and unusual colors, the other Weyrs of Pern aren't too happy about the amount of out of the ordinary creatures coming from Mithra.
150 Dragonball GX
0 0
Welcome to Dragonball Generations GX Our site is set in an AU Universe that allows our writers the freedom they deserve. Set in a Era where every 1500 years the God of Everything erases every universe, every planet, and every person in existence. Soon, to

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