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126 feeling electric
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Welcome to Ashworth, a hidden gem in the South Wales area of the United Kingdom. The town is rich in supernatural history, its very foundation built on a peace treaty following a war over 700 years ago that still holds true today. Ashworth is teeming with
127 As The Crow Flies
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As The Crow Flies is a Sons of Anarchy site set in between season 3 and 4. No word count. 3-3-3 content rating. Player driven plot.
128 Worn at the Edges
0 1
We are a crossover forum, focusing on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. We offer original characters as well as original and character-centered plot points. Factions include: vampires, werewolves, hybrids, hunters, ghosts, and original factions.
129 hashocean
0 0
Seven data-centres. High earning power.
Return on investment within 5 months.
15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever.

Try mining today!
130 up in smoke -au hunger games rpg
0 0
an au all levels of writers hunger games rp.
all original characters
the 44th hunger games are about to begin.
131 Society's Fall
0 0
Society's Fall is based in 1960's California, where you have the unique opportunity to begin your character months before an world wide extinction sized event! Follow the newspapers closely as your character develops through the drama, only to be thrown
132 In Want of Brains
0 0
A literate roleplay site based after the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.
133 By the Moon
0 0
An AU TVD/TO site where the Mystic Falls residents are unable to return due to the spell, so they head to New Orleans for help, not realizing they are entering a war not yet won.
134 small towns and BIG DREAMS
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In the town of Bailey, Montana there are only about eight hundred people and it was founded about a month after the state became a state. Bailey happens to be home to a mountain resort named Azure Valley Resort. It opened about fifty years ago and runs al
135 canine concept
0 0
brand new feral canine rpg set in a post apocalyptic world
136 What Lies Between
0 0
What Lies Between is a 18, Modern Supernatural Roleplay, with a diverse list of races to choose from as well as magical abilities. There is no word requirement and a very spacious activity requirement, with our 18 we are looking for all kinds of roleplaye
137 We Troubled Few
0 0
With the creation of the new Pangea all species on the Earth were forced to live with one another. The supernatural creatures were able to create kingdoms separated from one another. Though some species did stick together in groups 5 kingdoms were made. T
138 Salem
0 0
139 Law of the United
0 0
Are you ready to be united?
140 Fools' Fief
0 0
Fools' Fief is a 700Ad-style fantasy world with open-source lore. Five factions contend with each other and seek to cast out the conquerors. Both canons and OCs are welcome, we are LGTBQI+ inclusive (we have a number of non-binary/gay/bi/gender-queer/tra
141 The Second Coming
0 0
Post Potter set in 2024. A new war is about to begin
142 Song Remains
0 0
The stories lives on 25 yrs into the future. A Supernatural Next Generation RP.
0 0
PKMN HEROES is a non-canon, au plot-based pokemon roleplay with it's current plot centered in the Kanto Region. However, members are allowed to roleplay within other regions and have a chance to capture all official released pokemon!
144 Until Dawn
0 0
Mars, Venus, Pluto, and the not-so-distant asteroid belt - all terraformed and colonized to hold precious life. Mars with its superior technological advancements and architectures, Venus with its bountiful vegetation and agriculture, and Pluto, the all se
145 Heroish
0 0
The last half of the twentieth century has been marred by violence surrounding Supers, individuals born with unique and extraordinary powers.The bloodiest of the conflicts takes place in Washington D.C, where pro- and anti-Super groups fight for dominance
146 Shikari Cove
0 0
SC is a competitive equestrian-based real life rpg. We have a lot of room to grow and expand!
147 Muses Mayhem
0 0
Ever wanted to join a place where you can RP in several verses, with minimum drama? Or perhaps a place where you can discuss where a certain verse is going? You've come to the right place! We are a community of literate roleplayers, and we love what we do
148 Elzynthia
0 0
Elzynthia is a fantasy world like no other. Here you'll find a wide array of fantasy horse breeds and a realm, culture, and RP opportunity you won't find anywhere else on the internet.
149 Transformers Prime: Convergence
0 0
Transformers Prime: Convergence is a literate roleplay forum based upon Transformers: Prime with an AU plotline diverging from the pilot episode. We incorporate canon material and characters from TFP and RID, but our unique story allows for endless new op
150 We Are the Reckless
0 0
WATR is a RL, beach town RP with an open plot. We have a short application that requires no character history and a minimum word count of 300 words per IC post.

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