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176 The Second Coming
0 0
Post Potter set in 2024. A new war is about to begin
177 Until Dawn
0 0
Mars, Venus, Pluto, and the not-so-distant asteroid belt - all terraformed and colonized to hold precious life. Mars with its superior technological advancements and architectures, Venus with its bountiful vegetation and agriculture, and Pluto, the all se
0 0
PKMN HEROES is a non-canon, au plot-based pokemon roleplay with it's current plot centered in the Kanto Region. However, members are allowed to roleplay within other regions and have a chance to capture all official released pokemon!
179 Honor the Fallen - A Shingeki no Kyojin RP
0 0
Honor the Fallen is a canon-based Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) roleplay! HTF's goal is to provide a friendly, literate roleplay community set in the world of the popular manga/anime series Shingeki no Kyojin and we are geared toward intermediat
0 0
Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, you'll find a city that's as torn as the veil once hiding the supernatural. Formerly hidden, those that are 'different' have been revealed to the masses, and the city is still trying to figure out what to make of it.
181 Hey, it's Hannah Baker.
0 0
When Hannah Baker killed herself, the once peaceful and lovely town changed. Not many of the citizens dare to talk about it; but it's there. They can all feel it, no matter how hard one tries to hide it. But as most things here in life, sorrow is hard to
182 Solvitur Charta
0 0
On this multigenre roleplay site we welcome everybody. Whether you are an RP veteran or just started last night, from OCs to panfandoms, we welcome you.. We have various help sections as well as games and journals
183 Once Upon a Nightmare
0 0
Your childhood favorites with a sinister twist, this four year old Dark/High Fantasy site boasts a relaxed setting with a host of active members and characters always eager to welcome new friends.
184 Herofall
0 0
An original high fantasy sandbox world. Full of magic, monsters, multiple races and a mature roleplay community.
185 Welcome To Riverdale
0 0
Amadaus has found a way to harness the power of Sunnydale's hell mouth. Sam and Dean come to help Buffy and the gang to stop him. Veronica, Betty, Jughead, and Archie are in Riverdale dealing with their own drama. Can they stop their enemies in time?
186 the Rift
0 0
the Rift - a broken, violently magical land. Tucked away in the fold of the dimensions, it has been battered and destroyed, but is currently recovering. Easy-to-get items and magic, no rules on design, active & friendly community!
187 Legends of Tomorrow
0 0
A freedom play by post lion rpg where you can create all of your desires!
188 Lost In Time
0 0
LIT is a roleplay site open to all persons involved in the world of roleplay. We roleplay many different genres and we have different ways that persons can roleplay on our site. We have forum roleplay , Main chat or private chat , Comments and/or inbox me
189 In Rukbat's Shadow
0 2
A non-canon, 10th Pass Dragonriders of Pern roleplay with a rating of 2-2-2 featuring mutations in dragons, whers, firelizards and unique species.
190 Pleasantville
0 0
Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are The Connection, a group of spiritual inter-dimensional beings that will help get you acclimated to The Realm. However, after this introductory phase, you will interact more closely with our assistants (other Keepers
191 Copper Harbor
0 0
Welcome to Copper Harbor! We are a fictional town, located in Northern Washington State. We have a university that we are very proud of. There is drama, life, laughter, love, and plenty more. Join in on the fun!
192 Half Blood Generation
0 0
Half Blood Generation is a Percy Jackson themed RP site playing in the Rick Riordan universe in 2050 The Gods had mercy with Persephone and got her out of hell, to proof her good will she's send to camp half blood to support Chiron and Mr.D but a week aft
193 United Nations Of Eden
0 0
Eden is a world where any character can be brought in regardless of the universe they belong to as long as their power level is kept at a certain level. The roleplay itself is very young but it is managed by two game masters that love the universe as much
194 As Above, So Below: A Dragon Age RP
0 0
18+, 3/3/3, faceclaims optional, Jcink premium.

As Above, So Below is a play-by-post RPG based on the Dragon Age series of video games. Play takes place during Dragon Age: Inquisition as our characters navigate cutthroat politics, tumultuous relationship
195 Kismet Divided
0 0
AU Loveless RP forum. Septimal Moon - the government - has been oppressing its people for decades, prioritising those with written fates in the form of "true names" over those without such fates. Those that are in the know are amassing in retaliation.
196 Areion School of Magic
0 0
Areion is a RP inspired by the Potterverse but with no mention of Harry Potter or Hogwarts. We can be considered alternate universe with new stories, Houses, races, and all-original characters!
197 The Four Dimensions
0 0
The Four Dimensions is an original supernatural RPG. We are a friendly, welcoming community with plenty of species to choose from, have a simple application, are rapid fire, and have leadership positions available!
198 Abrora
0 0
Abrora is a mature original dystopian fantasy. We focus on both politics and war. We have many species and include demons, monsters, lycanthropes and different realms. We have many canons, want ads, and factions to choose from. OCs are wanted!
199 Chaos Theory
0 0
We know you've wanted to manipulate canons and make them more your own. Do you want to make Superman evil? Harley a hero? The possibilities are endless when you join Chaos Theory.
200 Darkly Charmed
0 0
It's 2052 and magic has been exposed to the world. The Underworld has succeeded in exposing
a destroying the Charmed Ones. Witch hunts came and the Halliwell line scattered for safety.
An earthquake, the Big One they all dreaded finally came and nea

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