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76 D'Sanctine Weyr
1 1

10th Pass Pern, Southern Continent, AIVAS was never discovered. Dragonkind is growing and the Weyrs must expand! Non-Canon!
77 Dragonball GX
1 0

Welcome to Dragonball Generations GX Our site is set in an AU Universe that allows our writers the freedom they deserve. Set in a Era where every 1500 years the God of Everything erases every universe, every planet, and every person in existence. Soon, to
78 Transformers Prime Cataclysm
1 0

The heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons fight for resources to revive their dying world of Cybertron.
79 Choices We Made
1 1

There are no more Heroes.... There are no more Villains.

Friendships have been tested.... Teams have been broken.

The war has only just begun.
80 Opulence
1 0

A semi-realistic, wild canine rp for intermediate to advanced players.
81 Walk With Me
1 1

The Prison has fallen and the group is separated. Hope is gone...or mostly gone anyway. Individually, every survivor struggles to find a reason to keep on going, to deal with their inner demons and to keep fighting. Slowly and through a series of circumst
82 Ailouros
1 1

The fire destroyed everything. Their home - then, their clan. When they asked for help they were cast aside. banished from the lakeside, treated no better than rogues. They left, traveling for many moons until they found their new land.
83 Our Heroes and Villains
1 0

We're an AU Once Upon a Time RP based after the Underworld events of season 5a, with loose connections to elements from 5b. Our new realms allow for more characters than a typical Once site- we're a panfandom too!

The Horned King was accidentally rele
1 1

We are a moderate to intermediate level collaborative writing site, based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
85 Phantaisie
1 1

Semi-fantasy, freeform all animal RPG. Low sentence post minimum, IC group and character design flexibility, welcoming community, and all RP styles welcome.
86 Sinner's Touch
1 1

An original small town supernatural role play with a unique version of vampires, werewolves, and witches with a play on the history from the bible. "In the beginning there were two divine brothers, Lucifer and Abba..."
87 As We Fall
1 77

we are a MCU Post CA:CW site taking place in current time. We are an original character friendly member-driven site where IC Actions will control where the plot goes. Registration is slowly going into effect, and the Wakandians found a cure for Bucky.
88 By the Moon
1 0

An AU TVD/TO site where the Mystic Falls residents are unable to return due to the spell, so they head to New Orleans for help, not realizing they are entering a war not yet won.
89 Masquerade Academy
1 0

There is magic in the world. Brookings, NV is the epicenter of this magic and as such draws those with Gifts and of mythical origins to its small town and school. Except there is evil in the world that wants to snuff magic out, and will do anything to do
90 Seeking Redemption
1 0

A semi-realistic feline and canine roleplay featuring two packs, Pixduas and Sardothian. Choose your fate as you walk among bloodied grounds.
91 A War of Kings
1 1

War of Kings is a Pre-Infinity War RP. We encompass the entire MCU from films to television shows and accept the canons and even characters that are comic based that have not shown up yet.
92 Pleasantville
1 0

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are The Connection, a group of spiritual inter-dimensional beings that will help get you acclimated to The Realm. However, after this introductory phase, you will interact more closely with our assistants (other Keepers
93 Painted Hollows
1 0

Welcome to Painted Hollows, Colorado, a fictional town set in a slightly AU verse where Supernatural Creatures are out and known. Tensions are high - will the humans and Supernaturals be able to live in peace together?
94 The Truth About Monsters
1 0

Following the strory-line of the Dragon Age games, our story is set after the destruction of Haven. We have a 250 minimum word count and lots of opportunities for members to forge their own stories with canons and OCs. Who's side are you on?
95 Warden's Vigil
1 0

96 NeverWas
1 1

97 Apocalypse Not
1 0

A Future based TVD/TO rpg site. We are a site where battle of the fittest makes its toll. Come battle it out, choose your side.
98 Shattered Alley
1 0

0ur journey began with a great wind hailing from the north which shattered our world into pieces. Since then we have prevailed in the face of the darkness that loomed over us day by day. We have thrived in this new world and our story has only just begun.
99 Dragon Riders of Berk
1 2

It has been 27 years since the attack of Drago Bludvist and his dragon army. A whole new set of Dragon Riders, armed with their dragons and ready to defend the archipelago, must find a new outpost, explore further, and discover exciting new dragons.
100 Honor the Fallen - A Shingeki no Kyojin RP
0 2

Honor the Fallen is a canon-based Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) roleplay! HTF's goal is to provide a friendly, literate roleplay community set in the world of the popular manga/anime series Shingeki no Kyojin and we are geared toward intermediat

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