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76 Estorica
2 1

Estorica, is an Original Fantasy sandbox roleplay, set in the land Malice. A tale of Innovation and Conflict between Orphans. These Oprhans have been granted infinite possibilities by their gods ranging from appearance to ability. The stories these orphan
77 Our Heroes and Villains
1 0

We're an AU Once Upon a Time RP based after the Underworld events of season 5a, with loose connections to elements from 5b. Our new realms allow for more characters than a typical Once site- we're a panfandom too!

The Horned King was accidentally rele
78 Blackswallow
1 0

Blackswallow is a biopunk and steampunk world. There are options for building your own country, and options for building a character in an existing country.
79 The Merwin Project
1 0

Welcome to Razna National Park, a dumping ground for humanity's dirty secret. Genetic experiments with the DNA of various types of animals call this park home. Will you aid the escape effort and experience the real world for the first time?
80 the Rift
1 0

the Rift - a broken, violently magical land. Tucked away in the fold of the dimensions, it has been battered and destroyed, but is currently recovering. Easy-to-get items and magic, no rules on design, active & friendly community!
81 Closer
1 2

We are an 18+ city/resort/university site that welcomes all characters. Our primary focus is on OOC community and character development.
82 wizarding warfare
1 0

A futuristic AU Harry Potter RPG
83 Thedas: Timelines
1 2

Thedas: Timelines is an 18+ (RP rating 3/3/3) play-by-post Dragon Age roleplaying forum focused on building engaging, character-driven stories in a collaborative environment.
84 New Odyssey
1 0

A Mythology based Urban Fantasy site where you can play as a deity, demigod, creature, or more! You help control our plot and story, so join today!
1 0

Set in modern day Boston MA where two werewolf packs battle for territory, vampires are cleaning up their act even helping out the wolves while humans and witches attempt to start a war against the supernatural by any means necessary.[9YRS]
86 World's Finest
1 1
87 Shinka!!! A Digimon RP
1 2

Shinka!!! is a stats-free Digimon roleplay where we emphasize storytelling, character development, and player freedom. Evoluion and cool powers aren't locked behind post count requirements.
1 0

An AU next generation Charmed rp set in the year 2032 in Los Angeles, California. Wyatt and Chris are the new Charmed Ones but with a new source attempting to finish what she started. Established in 2012 on JCINK but had started out on Proboards in 2008.
89 Beyond Redemption
1 4

Mankind has been forced from its seat of power when the bowels of hell opened, and the supernatural creatures of the world came out of hiding. No longer will they remain hidden in the shadows an let humanity rule the earth. Having taken the lead away, hum
90 One True Pride
1 1
Brand New! We are a realistic lion RP set in Africa. The lions are protected within a wildlife reserve. High ranks available - member driven site! Come join the fun!
91 Choices We Made
1 0

There are no more Heroes.... There are no more Villains.

Friendships have been tested.... Teams have been broken.

The war has only just begun.
92 Conquest
1 3

Conquest is a casual multifandom roleplay where canon and fan characters are free to interact in an open-world roleplay! Fights, romance, betrayal, anything and everything can happen here! Come check it out, we'd love to have you!
93 Darvey Island
1 0

Darvey Island: An original HP universe RPG set on a provincial New England island, exclusive to the wizarding kind, featuring and active wizarding council and community as well as its own private school of witchcraft and wizardy, Ouroboros Academy.
94 Advent Destiny
1 0

Advent Destiny is a Gundam role play community. Join an existing RP or start one in your preferred Gundam universe. We love Gundam and RP.
95 We Are Deathless
1 0

We are an 18+ lore-lite supernatural roleplay that focuses on our take of the Russian folklore about Koschei the Deathless. We're welcoming, friendly, and we want to help foster a community where we can play and build together.
96 Without Heroes
1 0

In November 2018, the world changed, with no regard for the lives spent in its wake. Cries of outrage came from all across the country. Those who had always trusted in in the morality of man stood in disbelief, while criminal organisations took advantage
97 Walk It Off
1 1

An OC/DC/Marvel Crossover Site We just had our one year anniversary!!
98 Devil You Know
1 2

Devil You Know is an alternate-universe Marvel + DC crossover RPG that allows personal interpretation of canons and welcomes original characters. What happens when Thanos and Darkseid team up? Come find out!
99 Teair Nova
1 2

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, TEAIR NOVA is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm.
100 The Hammel Institute
1 0

In a world where people are developing superpowers, the Hammel Insitute is the foremost institution for training. Between the students, staff, and the locals in the nearby town, how will you leave your mark?

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