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76 Sacred Lies
0 0

Welcome to Chicago. A city with it's own Hellmouth, and where those secondary characters get a chance. Orignals and canons from Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, and The Vampire Diaires.
77 Once Upon a Desire
0 0

A Once Upon a Time/Harry Potter crossover site set in season one and year six respectively. Never open a mysterious book from another world right as a curse hits, never know where you'll end up
78 The Fandom Gathering
0 4

A Christian based community that offers original and fandom based RPs. We have our own World in the works and open fandom worlds for you to participate in! Come join our journey today!
79 Sinner's Touch
0 0

An original small town supernatural role play with a unique version of vampires, werewolves, and witches with a play on the history from the bible. "In the beginning there were two divine brothers, Lucifer and Abba..."
80 Follow The Mocking Jay
0 0
The 74th Annual Hungar Games has ended Katniss and Peeta have won and gotten closer and they now getting ready to head out on the victory tour but what will happen when Katniss realizes she is not acting anymore but she really does love Peeta. What will h
81 cursed
0 0

brand new supernatural town rpg. come join us. no app and we have a low word count
82 Hearts Reborn
0 0

Panfandom RP with a Kingdom Hearts base; plenty of canons open, no character limit, and site-wide plots soon to come!
83 Westbrook Farm
0 0

84 Stranger Waters
0 1

Stranger Waters is an original warrior cats roleplay. We welcome members of all levels! Our site is loosely based off the forest territories. There is a 400 word count minimum.
High positions available!
85 Fallout: A Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay
0 0
A post-apocalyptic roleplaying site based on the video game series of the same name and set in the year 2287. In the year 2077, the United States of America was devastated by a nuclear war known to the survivors as "The Great War" that engulfed the world
86 Silence at Last
0 0

Silence at Last is a literate werewolf & human RP, and is set in an imaginary farming town in Oregon. We welcome all levels of roleplayers, beginner to advanced, and we do not have a word count.
87 Gallows Humour
0 2

A Fable III rpg set after the Nightcrawler's defeat, the citizens of Albion are facing many ongoing crises. The increasing werewolf population, highway robberies, cursed artefacts; and now trouble is brewing in Bloodstone, the pirate haven.
88 Another Midnight
0 0

Wolf Pine is one of the last remaining gateways to hell. While many endlessly fight against the demons that enter through this portal, a coven of dark witches and warlocks have made a deal with the demons to open it permanently.
89 The Walking Dead: Silent Screams
0 0

Welcome to The Walking Dead: Silent Screams. This group is slightly AU which means we follow the series and comic but add in our own little twist. There is no exact season that we are starting this group with. There will be sections that will enable all m
90 Song Remains
0 0

The stories lives on 25 yrs into the future. A Supernatural Next Generation RP.
91 Disposable Heroes
0 0

Supernatural Next Generation AUPost Season 5 Finale. 2033. The hunting world has come out of long retirement and old connections are coming back to light while the rest of the world is coming face to face with their worst nightmares.
92 One True Pride
0 0
Brand New! We are a realistic lion RP set in Africa. The lions are protected within a wildlife reserve. High ranks available - member driven site! Come join the fun!
93 Astoalla
0 0

Astoalla is a semi-realistic feline rpg! We focus on a friendly and fair community. We offer a variety of felines to create as well as over 40 places for roleplaying. Come chat with us!
94 Rise of the Believers
0 0

Taking place long after the events of Rise of the Guardians, we enter a great Immortal War between the Guardians and the Nightmare King, with his new army ready to face them. 2yrs | jcink | character-driven
95 Ivyclan Forever
0 0

Ivyclan Forever is a warrior cats RPG originally founded in 2010. We are a small semi-literate to literate community with a focus on members being able to create their own plots. Come join us today!
96 The pain within
0 0
Stefan's resistance is met with Elena's intrigue and determination, and she eventually discovers his secret: Stefan is a centuries-old vampire. As Elena and Stefan fall deeply in love, strange attacks begin to happen in the town while a dark and seductive
97 The Second Coming
0 0
Post Potter set in 2024. A new war is about to begin
98 Ageless Isle
0 0

Ageless Isle is an island inhabited exclusively by fox-like creatures known as Kitsune. Kitsune are magical beings, capable of mastering elements.
99 Fractured
0 0

Fractured is a member-driven,low word count, canine roleplay based in the fictional city of Arkala.
100 Wayfinder's Rest
0 2

WANTED // Adventurers of all kinds!
The Stolen Lands have a new King and with it a new name. Can you help to shape the future of Arboredge?

A new Pathfinder-inspired play-by-post RP, Wayfinder's Rest is centered around the development of the Green Bel

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