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1 In eXtremis
189 80

In eXtremis is an AU X-Men site that allows mix and match canon from films, comics, games, and cartoons. Put your own spin on your favourite characters and join the evolution. 18+ 3/3/3 jcink premium.
2 Not Your Heroes
163 61

Not Your Heroes is a cyberpunk, animanga-themed roleplaying experience set in the distant 27th century, following the cataclysm of World War IV. We have almost no limits on character types, roles, occupations, and even criminal activities.
3 Tcaos
144 104

An au mature Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/Riverdale jcinks premium roleplay. 3-3-3
4 Absinthe - Victorian London
140 55

At the height of the Victorian era, London is the place to be. Considered the pinnacle of wealth and civilization, England has positioned itself atop the global food chain. But for all its vibrancy and prestige, there is darkness and malady in The Smoke.
5 Cry Wolf
106 58

An AU Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Fae and werewolves have come out to the public and the Tri-cities of Washington have found themselves a hub of supernatural activity.
6 Heir Apparent
98 37

The Kingdom of Lorendale is ruled by a dying king. Four nieces and nephews of the king. Four potential heirs. Only one throne.
7 The Ministry
97 15

The Ministry is a Harry Potter board set a few years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We are no word count, 18+, laid-back adults who can throw down serious feels and serious fun. Come by and say hello!
8 Court of the Fallen
92 118

We are an incredibly active, welcoming, 18+ fantasy/medieval role-play.

CotF is set on the continent of Caido on a planet unlike the Earth. Home to a variety of mythical and mundane flora and fauna, vengeful and fickle gods, characters and players alike
9 Abyss
92 68

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
10 Marvel Evo
87 3

Marvel: Evolution is a forum based role play game that pulls inspiration from all sources. The site's current plot focuses solely on the mutant question, though with time our plot will expand to include other evils and the heroes that stare down those evi
11 An·thol·o·gy
87 98

Multi-Genre | 333
10+ Creature Types, 5+ Gifted Types!
No App, Word Count, or Character Cap
3 Eras with nearly endless possibilities... Will you add your story to the anthology?
12 Heart of the West
80 9

3|3|3 -If you like the shoot 'em up, feuds between families or groups and the darker side of the west, or if you enjoy the warmth of a simpler time where friendships were made and neighbours talked and shared; we cater for both. 2yrs +
13 Shroud of Rhiaden
79 80

The Shroud of Rhiaden is an original high fantasy role play forum set in the middle ages. On the RPG scale the site is 3/3/3 and 18+
14 Clash of Fates
78 88

A Non/Disney animated rp war site driven by plot as well as characters and the choices they make! Join an army of good or evil, or anything in between! Canons and Original Fan Characters welcome!
15 The Dark and Hollow Places
77 24

16 'Souls RPG
75 5

An advanced writing, post-apocalyptic wolf, werewolf, and canine RPG taking place in Nova Scotia. Come join our diverse population of characters and players who have been awesome and active since 2001.
17 Disposable Heroes
42 5

Supernatural Next Generation AU Post Season 5 Finale. 2035. The hunting world has come out of long retirement and old connections are coming back to light while the rest of the world is coming face to face with their worst nightmares.
38 4

Infidelis is a modern-day dog gang RP that focuses on the lives of four gangs, each with their own style! We’re a no word count, intermediate roleplay with a running plot that’s created by its members!
19 New Odyssey
38 19

A Mythology based Urban Fantasy site where you can play as a deity, demigod, creature, or more! You help control our plot and story, so join today!
20 Royals & Rebels
32 33

An original low medieval fantasy. Rebellions, war, political intrigue, and power struggles... the price of the crown is blood...
21 Terrea
29 25

Terrea is a mix between a role play site, a pet site, a breeding game and a semi-open species. On our site, you'll raise, play as, upgrade, and shape a mochi-like blobling into any creature your heart desires! Come join in!
22 Eleutheria
28 4

The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme over a broken and defeated Attica and soldiers are returning home. Will peace remain or will treaties fall? Welcome to Eleutheria!
23 Legends of Amarna
28 7

Legends of Amarna is a fantasy animal roleplay with shape-shifting elements, a medieval based world, and very few design and magic restrictions. Created to encourage creativity and fun, come check us out today!
24 Resolution
28 8

Modern Fantasy, 18+, Jcink Prem, San Francisco Present day
25 X-Men: 46 & 2
26 36

Bayville is a city like any other... with one big difference. It's the home of the X-Men, Brotherhood, Hellfire Club, and various other mutant groups. Whose side will you be on? We welcome Canons, OCs, and creativity! Action-packed plots guaranteed.

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