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1 Deckleswood
52 51

Deckleswood School - Institute of Practical Magic: A roleplay site based on a magical school, located in Canada, not too far from Vancouver, the site is a live text based roleplay community.
2 Heir Apparent
47 29

The peace that formerly reigned in Terra Nova has quickly become but a memory. War ravages the continent. Disputes divide kingdoms. The desire for power consumes and devours even the most humble among citizens.
3 Abyss
35 41

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
4 Umbra Roleplaying
30 2

Umbra Roleplaying is an emerging 18+ roleplaying forum, focused on catering to its members and encouraging creativity. Open to writers of all genres and experience levels, Umbra is where you can explore, create, and evolve. Join today and help shape this
5 Elusion
28 6

An active, friendly, and immersive panfandom role play site that allows both canon characters and OC's! Jcink Premium, 18+, 3-3-3.
6 Ethaozhal
11 2

Dark Supernatural Fantasy, where the city is alive and humans are the low man on the totem pole. Come join in on the Choas
7 Frontier - A Star Trek RPG
11 11

Frontier is a highly active Star Trek RPG on Jcink Premium, boasting 35+ IC posts per day and three separate settings to cater for every preference and posting expectation. Get involved with shaping this unique world today!
8 Invictus
10 4

Invictus follows the lives and stories of three canine gangs of Cegrem City. Tensions rise and hardships never seem to end in this dog-eat-dog world. How will your story unfold?
9 The Dark and Hollow Places
5 5

10 Magi: The World of Magic Roleplay
5 2

Based off of the manga and anime written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, the World of Magic invites all roleplayers to join and create their very own characters living within the Magi universe! Conquer dungeons, gain Djinn, and someday you may just be
11 Requiem Library Roleplaying
4 4

Requiem Library is a small growing Mature 18+ Multi-Genre Writing Community where you fill our shelves with your stories, join today and help build the Library
12 My Bad Habits
4 4

The Kitchen Sink is a jcink multi-genre mature rated sandbox site. With a focus on the board, the roleplay and the plotting the old fashioned way. There is no application, no character cap, and a small minimum word count of 100 words. Come join us where w
13 Foe.Glass
3 1

An early Maurader Era Harry Potter RPG.
14 X-Generation
3 2

X-Generation is an X-Men AU going strong since 2009! We're a perfect blend of combat/missions and slice-of-life roleplay. We welcome canons and originals. What's your mutation? Join us!
15 Pleasantville
1 0

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are The Connection, a group of spiritual inter-dimensional beings that will help get you acclimated to The Realm. However, after this introductory phase, you will interact more closely with our assistants (other Keepers
16 Wilder Things
1 0

A feral dog roleplay based after the fall of humans, with a back-to-basics concept and a growing plot.
17 Something Blue
1 0

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly a
18 Eleutheria
1 1

The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme over a broken and defeated Attica. Soldiers are returning home, but will peace remain or will treaties fall? Welcome to Eleutheria!
19 Cry Wolf
1 1

An AU Mercy Thompson/Alpha and Omega RP set in the Tri-cities of Washington. Fae and werewolves have come out to the public and the Tri-cities of Washington have found themselves a hub of supernatural activity.
20 The Ministry
1 0

The Ministry is a Harry Potter board set a few years after the Battle of Hogwarts. We are no word count, 18+, laid-back adults who can throw down serious feels and serious fun. Come by and say hello!
1 0

An AU next generation Charmed rp set in the year 2032 in Los Angeles, California. Wyatt and Chris are the new Charmed Ones but with a new source attempting to finish what she started. Established in 2012 on JCINK but had started out on Proboards in 2008.
22 Valiant Hearts, Dragon Age 4 AU
1 0

The year is 9:48 Dragon, and the world is once again shaken by both natural and the unnatural forces. There's a lot in play, ever since Fen'Harel removed the Veil from its place between the worlds, losing his own life in the process. Thedas is reverting
23 Modern Odyssey
1 1

A Modern Day Mythology, Fantasy, & Supernatural site set in Californoia!
24 Thragg
1 0

3,3,3 RATING | NO WORD COUNT | NO ACTIVITY CHECKS | CHARACTER-DRIVEN WORLD. A High Fantasy post-apocalyptic setting, with themes including medieval, steampunk, and magic!
25 Wolves of Lacuna
1 0
Wolves of Lacuna is a Semi-Realistic Wolf Roleplay site that has an active and fun community as well as discord!

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