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Rank Site In Out
1 Omega : A Modern Greek Mythology
34 4

Gaea is dying.
For centuries the Earth Mother's health has been declining, but as mortals have continued to turn their attention away from nature and spend their energy primarily on technological advances; she is fading at a much faster rate.
2 Fallout 66
26 8

FALLOUT 66. An original story fallout roleplay. Year: 2298. Location: St. Louis, Missouri. Following the events of the games, a new adventure is taking place along the Historic Route 66. Come get your kicks-
24 4

DRAGON AGE INQUISITION RP - canon & original characters, post-corypheus. Founded on December 2014, active & friendly community + site events and subplots. Also, hi.
4 Beyond Kingdom Hearts
22 29

Beyond Kingdom Hearts is a canon only Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy & Disney Roleplay along with our unique expansions to the universe to play with.
5 Corona Heights
18 6

California. Known for the beach, sun, and surf. You may think Laguna Beach or Newport are home to those with serious drama boiling underneath the piles of cash. But before you think of those "dramatic" cities, why don't you take a look at what ours hold
6 Sins of the Father
18 4

The world is not longer black and white and the good guys are seen as bad guys. They are desperate to clear their names and keep the world safe from forces the normal population isn't ready to admit is real.

AU SHIELD/AVENGERS RPG Takes place beginning
7 Their World
16 3

Be warned: this is not your world anymore. Vampires, werewolves and witches roam the streets as freely as any human or more so. The hunters are still in the shadow and the fight for power is in bloom. You have stepped into Their World.
8 Believe In Heroes
16 21

'BELIEVE IN HEROES' is an X-Men/ Avengers crossover site, set in the year 2014, a couple of months after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Our plot is based within the events of the movieverse, but welcoming of background information from the comics a
9 Magical Mayhem
14 19

Magical Mayhem is an active Harry Potter forum that's set two hundred years into the future. Six dedicated Admins work tirelessly to keep our community pristine, organized, and above the rest. Five years strong!
10 Fairdell Academy
13 2

Fairdell Academy is a school for young elementalists - those with the power to control air, water, fire, or earth - to learn about their abilities and meet other people like them.
11 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
10 6

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
12 Living On Hallowed Time
9 5

Set in 1938, 4 era time clash. Grindelwald is doing everything in his power to find the Deathly Hallows. An accident caused by himself brought other three generations to his time.
13 Flawed Genetics
8 4

We’re an AU X-Men RP set in a unique 'verse inspired by the films. We accept both canon and original characters and have several different factions available – all with a singular take on them. You can come play as a human, mutant or mutate and take part
7 3

A Multi-Genre and Original RPG set in Boston, MA, featuring both Canon and OC's. Plenty of Canons available
15 Boundaries
6 4

We're an original supernatural creatures rp set in modern times. Our plot is centered around three main locations with more to come, plenty of canons to choose from, and multiple species with the ability to add your own! We are very active, have no word l
16 RPG Time
5 7

A sophisticated general roleplaying site with friendly staff, a tight-knit community, roleplaying VIDEO GAMES, adoptables and tonnes more!
17 Defend The Colony
5 4

Defend The Colony is a Post-Apocalypse human RPG, set in an Original storyline.
18 Underworld Rising
4 5

IN A CITY CALLED IRONVIEW there are secrets lurking just under the surface. Supernaturals hide amongst humans, and the Underworld threatens to spill over. Who--or what--are you?
19 Shattered Alley
3 3

We are a unique, realistic and semi-literate cat role play. A tornado has ravaged the isolated village of Foxcroft. It is now up to the house and alley cats to survive in world turned upside down.
20 Blade And Scrolls - Free/Non-profit Web RPG
3 3

On the eastern coast of the continent lies the island Astyr, here 3 racial villages of dwarves, humans and wood elves have settled. This is where the first part of Blade And Scrolls - Online RPG starts out.
21 The Hunger Games Trilogy RP
3 3

AU Hunger Games Role Play
22 Gloria Patri
3 0

The age of Pope Innocent VIII has seen its last sunset, let the dawn of Pope Alexander VI ring forth a new age. But has the Chair of Saint Peter'
23 Teair Nova
3 2

A original Medieval Fantasy that offers a lush environment for players to express their creativity and to explore a lush world that awaits them. No word limit an every writing style is welcomed. Come and be apart of Teair Nova!
24 Children of Genosha
2 0

The X-Men have fallen. Mutants worldwide are feared and hated, with only Genosha standing to preserve the extinction of a species. AU; canons and OCs welcome!
25 KINGDOMS UNLEASHED The Sleeping Worlds
2 0

Kingdoms Unleashed is back! All Kingdom Hearts, Finals Fantasy, animanga and game characters are open. If you are looking for a fun place to roleplay, this is the best place. Join the fun!

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