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Rank Site In Out
1 Requiem Library Roleplaying
21 11

Requiem Library is a small growing Mature 18+ Multi-Genre Writing Community where you fill our shelves with your stories, join today and help build the Library
2 Heir Apparent
19 7

The peace that formerly reigned in Terra Nova has quickly become but a memory. War ravages the continent. Disputes divide kingdoms. The desire for power consumes and devours even the most humble among citizens.
3 Deckleswood
14 10

Deckleswood School - Institute of Practical Magic: A roleplay site based on a magical school, located in Canada, not too far from Vancouver, the site is a live text based roleplay community.
4 Umbra Roleplaying
8 3

Umbra Roleplaying is an emerging 18+ roleplaying forum, focused on catering to its members and encouraging creativity. Open to writers of all genres and experience levels, Umbra is where you can explore, create, and evolve. Join today and help shape this
5 Abyss
8 10

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
6 Anthology
8 8

Multi-Genre | 3-3-3
15+ Creature Types, 5+ Gifted Types, Most Fandoms Welcome! No App, No Word Count, No Character Cap! 3 Eras with nearly endless possibilities. Will you add your story to the anthology?
7 Terrea
6 6

Terrea is a write-to-grow sandbox fantasy role play! On our site, you'll raise, play as, upgrade, and shape a mochi-like blobling into any creature your heart desires! Come join in!
8 The Dark and Hollow Places
4 2

9 Stranger Things Do Happen
3 0

The year is 1985. We are an Alternate Universe for Stranger Things. Original & canon characters are welcome. You do not have to follow the storyline from the show, you are more than welcome to make up your own.
10 Legends of Amarna
2 0

Legends of Amarna is a fantasy animal roleplay with shape-shifting elements, a medieval based world, and very few design and magic restrictions. Created to encourage creativity and fun, come check us out today!
11 Standing Trials Fantasy RPG
2 3

Standing Trials is a fantasy forum RPG set in Idalos - a world of magic, Immortal Beings, intrigue, power, politics and romance. We are an active site with friendly staff - come join us!
12 Something Blue
1 2

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly a
13 Exadia
1 2

Offering a detailed, lush, medieval fantasy environment with opportunities for epic tales and excitement lurking at every turn, Exadia is a haven for writers that yearn for something different from the norm.
14 Hunger Games: The RPG
1 1

Based on the novels by Suzanne Collins, HGRPG is set in an alternate universe where Katniss & Peeta never existed, the rebellion never took off & the games continue on each year. Join us for our tri-annual Hunger Games with our DND-style combat system!
15 Royals & Rebels
1 1

An original low medieval fantasy. Rebellions, war, political intrigue, and power struggles... the price of the crown is blood...
16 outbreak: zero
1 2

The world is in pandemonium as one month ago, GHNv-20 was confirmed.The number of the infected are in the higher hundred thousands, and the death toll is at an estimated 250,000. The fear of the unknown has caused mass hysteria and panic.
17 Wilder Things
1 4

A feral dog roleplay based after the fall of humans, with a back-to-basics concept and a growing plot.
18 Floo.Network
1 1

An early Maurader Era Harry Potter RPG.
19 Shadowhunters Through The Ages
1 1

We are an AU Shadowhunters site, come join us be a Mundane, Faerie, Vampire, Werewolf, Warlock, or Shadowhunter
20 Sacred Lies
0 2

Welcome to Chicago. A city with it's own Hellmouth, and where those secondary characters get a chance. Orignals and canons from Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, and The Vampire Diaires.
21 Vector
0 1

An original cyberpunk / space western roleplay. Inspired by Blade Runner and Firefly. Huge universe, endless possibilities!
22 To The Wolves
0 3

To The Wolves is a new stable rp site set in Ocala, Florida with an emphasis on member-driven plots and no word count.
23 D'Sanctine Weyr
0 0

10th Pass Pern, Southern Continent, AIVAS was never discovered. Dragonkind is growing and the Weyrs must expand! Non-Canon!
24 Appleby
0 1

Appleby is a post zombie apoc RP set in the fictional English village of Appleby
25 Ageless Isle
0 0

Ageless Isle is an island inhabited exclusively by fox-like creatures known as Kitsune. Kitsune are magical beings, capable of mastering elements.

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