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1 Iron From Ice
47 33

I.F.I. is an au asoiaf/got game which takes place post season six. The second Battle of Winterfell has finished, Ramsay Bolton has fallen! But new enemies and allies await! Are you friend or foe? Come and play the Game of Thrones!
2 Black Prism
47 4

Black Prism is a Brent Weeks AU, modern fantasy, play-by-post RPG where two kinds of major magic are dueling to own Lochstone, Washington... and then the world. No word count, friendly community where members shape the world's development!
3 Finite Incantatem
45 12
Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies, featuring the four main schools. Set in 2020, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles.
4 Roleplay Social
21 52

Roleplay Social is an online roleplaying social network for all genres of roleplay.
5 Abyss
21 11

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
6 The Arrow
16 13

We are an RP site based on Arrow/The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow TV shows. We have added Earth 2. Created Site Canons including our doppleganger from Arrow. Come one come all to The Arrow
7 Rise of the Believers
16 5

Taking place 10 years after the events of Rise of the Guardians, we enter a world in the beginnings of a great Immortal War between the Guardians and the Nightmare King, with his new army ready to face them. RotB is a postmodern fantasy that welcomes any
8 Phantaisie
16 3

Semi-fantasy, freeform all animal RPG. Low sentence post minimum, IC group and character design flexibility, welcoming community, and all RP styles welcome.
9 Ruolo - Roleplaying & Creative Writing Social Netw
15 1

A site made especially for Roleplayers and writers who love to share their stories. We accept all genres of roleplay and all kinds of writing.
10 Bloody Dice
14 0

A mafia/crime RP, set in present day Chicago. While the powerful mafia in town has been declared war by the new gang, the police struggles to keep any turf war at bay. Come throw these bloody dice and decide the city's fate, or protect your own!
11 Ethos
12 4

ETHOS is an original fantasy with a world entirely shaped by your actions. With unique races to pick from and create stories and characters that impact the world around you. Your adventure begins now.
12 The Ericourt
12 3

The Ericourt is an advanced 3/3/3 medievalesque play-by-post roleplay with a focus on court intrigue. Here, we heavily feature adult themes and pride ourselves on being a community of mature writers who put the game first and have a ton of fun.
13 Salem Academy
11 1

Post-War American Wizarding School Salem Academy. You start with a first year student and enter Salem, you will then be sorted into one of the four houses of Salem. Magnumus,
Douglas, Sylvetica, or Velutina. You adventure will begin, meeting other studen
14 Shattered Alley
10 3

Our story began with a great wind. We have now picked up the pieces of our shattered lives. The rest is up to you.
15 Sirocco Weyr
8 3
A Dragonriders of Pern roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. A renegade Weyrwoman from Fort Weyr takes her dragon and a handful of loyal followers to establish a new Weyr on the Southern Continent, based on the principles of fairness and equali
16 Unbound
7 2

A Dragon Age roleplay set during the Inquisition. An advanced, friendly rp celebrating three years.
17 small towns and BIG DREAMS
7 1

BIG DREAMS is a small town site where the town is very supportive of the high school hockey team. we have two types of applications to choose from,a semi-traditional app and a freestyle app. we are hosted on jcink and have no word count.
18 Never Ending Story
6 3

A sandbox-based Pokemon rpg allowing a large world for characters to explore and raise Pokemon. Many character classes are available.
19 Charmed Salvation
6 3

An Au Charmed set that is set in 2011. Neena the first witch has cast an ancient spell to vanish the Charmed Ones but the Elders had a plan of their own.
20 Their World
5 4

Be warned: this is not your world anymore. Vampires, werewolves,witches and hunters roam the streets as freely as any human or more so. The hunters are trying to keep the fragile balance between humans and the supernaturals. You have stepped into Their Wo
21 From the Darkest Hour
5 2

From the Darkest Hour takes place in the 101st year of Panem. We run the Hunger Games bi-annually and there is still plenty of opportunities to post elsewhere in Panem.
22 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
5 1

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
23 up in smoke -au hunger games rpg
4 2

an au hunger games rpg set at the 44th games. all original characters.
24 Dishonored
4 0

Original dystopian rp; the world as we knew it has ended. A civil war remains. A lot has happened in five years and victory for the Resistance against the Valley's tyrant rulers is more uncertain than ever. So, who's side are you on? Does it even matter?
25 Aerina
4 2

It is the year 2,800 of the Blackwell age, and the world knows nothing of peace. It's future is up to you. Original Fantasy RP, with our own unique world. Be anything you want to be!

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