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1 L'assassiné
102 30

We're a RL small town roleplay set in the fictional Louisiana town of St. Rennes. The town seems very homey and has a southern charm that everyone loves -- but it harbours a dark secret from the 'outside' world.
2 Midnight Wars
88 16

An original modern fantasy world spanning the globe, filled with powerful factions, each with its own ambitions. Choose your path wisely.
3 Lux Lunae
71 52

Werewolves roam the streets and forests of this small town. Some want to kill them. Some want to be them. Some want to save them. Which side will you be on in the war that is coming?
4 Corona Heights
69 18

California. Known for the beach, sun, and surf. You may think Laguna Beach or Newport are home to those with serious drama boiling underneath the piles of cash. But before you think of those "dramatic" cities, why don't you take a look at what ours hold
5 KINGDOMS UNLEASHED The Sleeping Worlds
64 38

Kingdoms Unleashed is back! All Kingdom Hearts, Finals Fantasy, animanga and game characters are open. If you are looking for a fun place to roleplay, this is the best place. Join the fun!
6 Living On Hallowed Time
52 9

Set in 1938, 4 era time clash. Grindelwald is doing everything in his power to find the Deathly Hallows. An accident caused by himself brought other three generations to his time.
7 Fairdell Academy
51 12

Fairdell Academy is a school for young elementalists - those with the power to control air, water, fire, or earth - to learn about their abilities and meet other people like them.
8 Magical Mayhem
51 65

Magical Mayhem is an active Harry Potter forum that's set two hundred years into the future. Six dedicated Admins work tirelessly to keep our community pristine, organized, and above the rest. Five years strong!
9 Their World
50 14

Step into the year 2015, in a world where vampires hold all the power. The witches are divided and the Sharur (hunters) are the only ones keeping humanity afloat.
10 Southern Winds Weyr
48 50

We are a mature, non-canon Pern set beyond the 9th Pass with an altered time line. This means things have been shaken up quite a bit. We also feature 2 mutations of dragons, with roles and positions available for just about anyone. We like active players
11 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
44 14

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
12 Distant Fantasies
39 30

Distant Fantasies is a resource for writers and online text-based RPGs of all styles and genres. There's a forum, RP Realm, resource collection, gallery, an RPG Directory, Reviews, hosting and much more available.
13 Believe In Heroes
33 26

'BELIEVE IN HEROES' is an X-Men/ Avengers crossover site, set in the year 2014, a couple of months after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Our plot is based within the events of the movieverse, but welcoming of background information from the comics a
14 Noctis Aeternae
28 12

A coven of powerful witches and warlocks is invading New Orleans with one goal, to gain more power through the child, Hope. It is a battle for control and power in this AU TVD/TO group.
21 9

Million dollar apartments. Vintage wardrobes. Upper-class social life. Untouched by anything not worth their own value. Who are we talking about? The elite upper-class of Copper City of course. Not to mention the Angelline family who has been in power ove
16 Arrow & The Flash RP
18 19

Arrow RP is a roleplay site dedicated to Arrow and The Flash.

We are year + old roleplay with no word count a team of attentive and dedicated Admins. We welcome all RP levels and have many role open(Male/Female & OC/Canon)
17 Dead Space Awakening
18 10

DSA takes place before the events of the Dead Space games on Jupiter's moon Europa and the Research Vessel USG Titan Prime
18 Blade And Scrolls - Free/Non-profit Web RPG
17 8

On the eastern coast of the continent lies the island Astyr, here 3 racial villages of dwarves, humans and wood elves have settled. This is where the first part of Blade And Scrolls - Online RPG starts out.
19 The Lion King: Dark Horizon v4
16 8

With the war over, many rogues now walk the free lands looking for a new home. Former kings become nothing, former nothing become kings. Set in Kovu and Kiara's reign!
20 Winter is Coming
16 2

We are a Game of Thrones intermediate/advanced AU role play forum. Our Plot begins based loosely at the beginning of Season 4. Join us!
21 Ages of Arda
15 11

Ages of Arda is a Tolkien-based RPG that spans the whole of the First Age through to the War of the Ring, with AU elements and a member driven plotline to keep things consistently entertaining!
22 Boss of Bosses
15 10

A 100 WC supernatural mafia RPG set in NYC. Werewolves, vampires, and witches- oh my! Banshees, humans, and faes are also available.
23 The Family Business
15 5

The best Supernatural RPG on the web!

With canon and original board plots, a mass of friendly members and a horde of forums to post in, you can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything!

With a new board plot coming to life, join now to be on the fro
24 Children of Genosha
13 1

The X-Men have fallen. Mutants worldwide are feared and hated, with only Genosha standing to preserve the extinction of a species. AU; canons and OCs welcome!
25 Dangerous Currents
13 21

For mermaids, going on land is dangerous and potentially deadly. Falling in love with a human, even more so. How long will the fragile peace last when some mermaids are killed to save others?

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