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Rank Site In Out
1 The Ericourt
141 47

The Ericourt is an advanced 3/3/3 medievalesque play-by-post roleplay with a focus on court intrigue. Here, we heavily feature adult themes and pride ourselves on being a community of mature writers who put the game first and have a ton of fun as a commun
2 Unbound
93 17

A Dragon Age roleplay set during the Inquisition. An advanced, friendly rp celebrating three years.
3 Aurora Sky
71 24

Aurora Sky is a shared world RP set in a unique sword-and-sorcery setting designed to facilitate both grand adventures and subplots of any stripe. 2-2-3 content rating. Help us shape a world of humans, elves, shifters, and other magical beings! No WC.
4 Black Prism
67 18

Black Prism is a Brent Weeks AU, modern fantasy, play-by-post RPG where two kinds of major magic are dueling to own Lochstone, Washington... and then the world. No word count, friendly community where members shape the world's development!
5 Abyss
63 45

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
6 | Online Roleplaying Social Network
56 116

85,000+ Members - is a social network where you can create characters and develop story lines through collaborative creative expression.
40 35

8 Their World
39 24

Be warned: this is not your world anymore. Vampires, werewolves,witches and hunters roam the streets as freely as any human or more so. The hunters are trying to keep the fragile balance between humans and the supernaturals. You have stepped into Their Wo
9 The 100 Role Play
36 36

Based on the hit series The 100, this role play has no set timeline (threads can take place before during or after any of the episodes), AUs are also permitted! Lots of available canons and tons of opportunities for made up characters as well!
10 If I Only Could
33 13

IIOC is a plot-driven roleplaying board based in an alternate version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We accept both canon and original characters, including Metahumans.
11 Illuminate
28 20

A literate, modern, original Faerie roleplay with realistic politics.
12 Bacchus Dire
28 24

BDF is an open-world semi-realistic/fantasy feral animal roleplaying forum set in a post-human world where animals have evolved paw dexterity and primitive technology. We allow in-character invention and freedom.
13 up in smoke -au hunger games rpg
23 4

an au hunger games rpg set at the 44th games. all original characters.
14 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
21 22

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
15 Foresta Academy
18 5

Foresta Academy is a school for gifted beings and scientific experiments! We are a modern fantasy role play looking for new members!
16 Downton Abbey
18 34

Welcome to Downton! We are a post Series 6 site that is picking up our story six months after the completion of the show. It is the summer of 1926. What lays ahead for the Crawley Family and their servants?
17 Afflicted
17 8

A year has passed since the initial outbreak, roughly two-thirds of the population infected. Winter has passed and the world is waking to a new spring on the East Coast, United states. A cure has yet to be found and the world lies in chaos. Survivors figh
16 20

An extremely active, seven year old multi-genre RPG based in New Orleans in current year. We strive to accommodate any and all fandoms ranging from Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf and Supernatural to Arrow, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars... Join today!
19 City Instincts
16 9

City Instincts is a novella writers community for human characters. We are not an overall storyline, but a community filled with many sub-storylines. Love, Misfortune. Accidents. Murder. Family. Sex. Drama. These are still in tact.
20 Cloaked
15 7

War between the humans and supernatural has forced a small community into hiding behind a cloaking spell.
21 Light 'Em Up
15 6

A Destiny roleplay set after the fall of Crota and his father, Oryx. Many races, factions and areas are available to every player, and we offer a great level based system. LEU is primarily member based -- meaning we rely on member ideas and suggestions.
22 Dead is the New Black
15 2

DITNB is a AU The Originals RPG, set in season 3 with slight alterations. Klaus has awakened from the Phoenix Stone with a vengeance.
23 Purple Lights
14 13

A fun and friendly site with low key pressure. The RP is set in LA and each school focuses on a different thing, including two branches of magic.
24 shooting with broken arrows
14 8
we are a marvel/DC crossover universe with a group of wonderful members, and though we offer a storyline to our site to pull everything together we are largely character-driven and allow the members to drive the direction of the site with their own plots
25 Shattered Alley
13 18

Our story began with a great wind. We have now picked up the pieces of our shattered lives. The rest is up to you.

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