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Rank Site In Out
1 Fallout 66
119 31

FALLOUT 66. An original story fallout roleplay. Year: 2298. Location: St. Louis, Missouri. Following the events of the games, a new adventure is taking place along the Historic Route 66. Come get your kicks-
2 Wolfsbane and Verbain
91 73

We are a fun and welcoming TVD/TO AU site that puts a spin on season 3/4. With the cure to be found and Bonnie letting the dark side take hold who would win in a struggle over power?
88 23

a post potter rpg based year 2022, the magical world had advanced, but just as a brighter future is within reach, a dark force raises, seeming like deja vu, and this time it has the determination to not loose its battle.
4 Corona Heights
84 19

California. Known for the beach, sun, and surf. You may think Laguna Beach or Newport are home to those with serious drama boiling underneath the piles of cash. But before you think of those "dramatic" cities, why don't you take a look at what ours hold
5 Southern Winds Weyr
69 41

We are a mature, non-canon Pern set beyond the 9th Pass with an altered time line. This means things have been shaken up quite a bit. We also feature 2 mutations of dragons, with roles and positions available for just about anyone. We like active players
6 Game of Thrones Roleplay
36 7

Game of Thrones AU Roleplay Forum with a Plot based loosely on the beginning of Season 2. Swear your Allegiance and join us! Winter is coming.
7 Dragon Braved
34 26

Dragon Braved is a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern game set just two Turns prior to the 10th Pass. AIVAS returned lost technology to the Pernese, but it did not destroy Thread.
8 Magical Mayhem
32 42

Magical Mayhem is an active Harry Potter forum that's set two hundred years into the future. Six dedicated Admins work tirelessly to keep our community pristine, organized, and above the rest. Five years strong!
9 Warden's Vigil
30 19

Warden’s Vigil is a Dragon Age Roleplaying Community whose current timeline is set three and a half years after the end of the Fifth Blight.
10 Temptation
28 16

All hell breaks loose in Mystic Falls…
11 The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party
25 13

Our roleplay is based on the works of the beloved J.R.R. Tolkien and on the movie adaptations by Peter Jackson. We are canon, with some room for AU aspects.
12 Creative Freedom RPG
24 38

Breaking free from the oppression of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying.
13 And Your Heart's the Moon
17 9

Welcome to present day Alaska; the civil wars of America over for the most part and the world forced to rebuild itself. Become someone in a town, a patient at the asylum or rehab, a mafia member and so much more!
14 Edolon
15 9

a mature game centered around the upheavals and intrigues of the royal court as the kingdom reels from crusades, invasions, religious strife and madness within the noble families.
15 Shadows on the Island
14 7

Multi specie from domesticated animals to wild ones and humans too; all trapped on an island cloaked in the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle
16 The War in Heaven
13 7

A panfandom roleplay wherein every and all characters can be involved in the greatest battle within all of time and space. From live-action to animation, all are welcome in a War where history is the weapon and victory is holding on to your past.
17 Anima Mundi
9 8

Anima Mundi, a panfandom site, focuses heavily on characterization with a driving plot. With Bythos and Sige as your new gods, stringing together others worlds in an attempt to make their own 'perfect' world, what will you do?
18 The Vampire Diaries RP
8 24

This is a TDV Role-Play site for all TVD fans. We want to know you, befriend you and have fun to create together our own Mystic Falls. :)
19 Heat In The City
8 17

A real life crime and drama rpg set in Corpus Cristi Texas. We have mercs, bounty hunters, criminals and plucky women who live on the edge of danger. Come join us for some fun!
20 Midnight Wars
7 1

An original modern fantasy world spanning the globe, filled with powerful factions, each with its own ambitions. Choose your path wisely.
21 Magi: The World of Magic Roleplay
6 15

Based off of the manga and anime written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka, the World of Magic invites all roleplayers to join and create their very own characters living within the Magi universe! Conquer dungeons, gain Djinn, and someday you may just be
22 Epic the RPG
5 9

Queen Tara and her heroic Leafmen fight against Mandrake and his Boggan army, as they battle for the fate of the forest.
23 The Vampire Diaries RP
4 22

We are a vampire diaries roleplay site with many members and a lively community. We are currently accepting all new members to join our site.
24 GreaterRealms
4 8

GreaterRealms is a play-by-post forum with a play-by-live chat role playing room, using the AOL RPG cross genre, multi-fandom, or original character free form role playing setting of RhyDin. There is no limits to what character, what time, or what magic y
25 Roleplay Galore
4 10

An online community dedicated to flourishing roleplayers and writers who wish to have no limitations on their creativity.

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