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1 Heir Apparent
34 11

The peace that formerly reigned in Terra Nova has quickly become but a memory. War ravages the continent. Disputes divide kingdoms. The desire for power consumes and devours even the most humble among citizens.
2 Abyss
8 11

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
3 Requiem Library Roleplaying
7 5

Requiem Library is a small growing Mature 18+ Multi-Genre Writing Community where you fill our shelves with your stories, join today and help build the Library
4 An·thol·o·gy
7 8

Multi-Genre | 3-3-3
15+ Creature Types, 5+ Gifted Types, Most Fandoms Welcome! No App, No Word Count, No Character Cap! 3 Eras with nearly endless possibilities. Will you add your story to the anthology?
5 Shibui: An AU Naruto RP
7 4

Shibui is an AU Naruto RP with a fun, feudal twist! We're based partially in canon lore but have an expanded class system that includes monks, shrine maidens, mercenaries, samurai, and more! Come join us!
6 Terrea
7 8

Terrea is a write-to-grow sandbox fantasy role play! On our site, you'll raise, play as, upgrade, and shape a mochi-like blobling into any creature your heart desires! Come join in!
7 To Walk Among Us
6 9

So the Gods existed? They walked among us for all our lives and though many fof their exploits are recorded for the humans, we stopped hearing about them for one reason or another. But that didn't stop them being here- its just that noone wanted to hear a
8 outbreak: zero
4 3

The world is in pandemonium as one month ago, GHNv-20 was confirmed.The number of the infected are in the higher hundred thousands, and the death toll is at an estimated 250,000. The fear of the unknown has caused mass hysteria and panic.
9 Little Terreille
4 4

Little Terreille is an AU RPG based off the Black Jewels world. We have our own timeline, and set of canon characters. We are a mature 18+ writing community, in a dark fantasy setting. There is no word count.
10 The Dark and Hollow Places
4 2

11 The OASIS
4 1

"For You Are an Architect; A Worldshaper." A general RP Board unlike any you've ever seen. 3/3/3 & 16+.
12 Court of the Fallen
3 4

We are an incredibly active, welcoming, 18+ fantasy/medieval role-play.

CotF is set on the continent of Caido on a planet unlike the Earth. Home to a variety of mythical and mundane flora and fauna, vengeful and fickle gods, characters and players alike
13 elpída
2 1

real-time wizarding world roleplay with a focus on a centralized school in the "lost" city of atlantis, near the bermuda triangle. original character (oc)'s only! est. may 2020. jcink premium. 18+. lgbtqia+ friendly!
14 Umbra Roleplaying
2 0

Umbra Roleplaying is an emerging 18+ roleplaying forum, focused on catering to its members and encouraging creativity. Open to writers of all genres and experience levels, Umbra is where you can explore, create, and evolve. Join today and help shape this
1 0

Infidelis is a modern-day dog gang RP that focuses on the lives of four gangs, each with their own style! We’re a no word count, intermediate roleplay with a running plot that’s created by its members!
16 Vaeris
1 0

We are an 18+ lore-heavy, original fantasy roleplay set within a world similar to Earth known as Vaer. It is a realm divided into three major continents with many powerful nations scattered across its globe. Not only does Vaer hold many kingdoms, but it i
17 Magical Hogwarts
1 0

Magical Hogwarts is a post-war Harry Potter RPG with an expansive setting. We accept adult characters as well as students attending Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. Drivers of all levels are welcome.
18 Hunger Games: The RPG
1 0

Based on the novels by Suzanne Collins, HGRPG is set in an alternate universe where Katniss & Peeta never existed, the rebellion never took off & the games continue on each year. Join us for our tri-annual Hunger Games with our DND-style combat system!
19 Going South
0 0

Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics Rebirth. Taking place on Earth 0, Unravel the mystery of the stolen time and the death of Superman.
20 Toy Soldiers
0 0

Brand new feral canine roleplay. Four Lands, Four alphas all in a battle over the one land that will make them ruler of the world.
21 Renatus Sturzregen
0 3

Original high fantasy roleplay, with over 8 unique races with sub species. The world is in a continuous battle for leadership help fight the wars, bring peace or bring chaos. Choose how the world is shaped, fight in war, become royalty.
22 The Red Star Rises
0 0

A 9th pass Pern with a twist!
23 The Truth About Monsters
0 0

Following the strory-line of the Dragon Age games, our story is set after the destruction of Haven. We have a 250 minimum word count and lots of opportunities for members to forge their own stories with canons and OCs. Who's side are you on?
24 Forced Heroes
0 1

An Rp inspired by Dragon Ball that also draws inspiration from the likes of Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and others for an exciting and unique playground. Create our own character, interact with the world, and forge your own destiny.
25 Felverse
0 0

An original Scifi/Fantasy Multiverse

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