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1 Midnight Wars
3 0

An original modern fantasy world spanning the globe, filled with powerful factions, each with its own ambitions. Choose your path wisely.
2 Lux Lunae
2 2

Werewolves roam the streets and forests of this small town. Some want to kill them. Some want to be them. Some want to save them. Which side will you be on in the war that is coming?
3 Boss of Bosses
2 0

A 100 WC supernatural mafia RPG set in NYC. Werewolves, vampires, and witches- oh my! Banshees, humans, and faes are also available.
4 Southern Winds Weyr
2 1

We are a mature, non-canon Pern set beyond the 9th Pass with an altered time line. This means things have been shaken up quite a bit. We also feature 2 mutations of dragons, with roles and positions available for just about anyone. We like active players
5 Fairdell Academy
1 0

Fairdell Academy is a school for young elementalists - those with the power to control air, water, fire, or earth - to learn about their abilities and meet other people like them.
6 Dangerous Currents
1 0

For mermaids, going on land is dangerous and potentially deadly. Falling in love with a human, even more so. How long will the fragile peace last when some mermaids are killed to save others?
7 The Tudor Dynasty
1 0

The Tudor Dynasty is an AU roleplay site dedicated to the show The Tudors. Plot is based very small within the shows season 1. With Henry loosing interest in Catherine of Argon he seeks new mates. Finding Anne will he leave Catherine and marry her or will
8 Reignite
1 0

A Sci-Fi Thriller; A membership driven, end of the world plot-- With a whole galaxy to explore, the possibilities are endless!
9 Magical Mayhem
1 0

Magical Mayhem is an active Harry Potter forum that's set two hundred years into the future. Six dedicated Admins work tirelessly to keep our community pristine, organized, and above the rest. Five years strong!
10 Living On Hallowed Time
1 0

Set in 1938, 4 era time clash. Grindelwald is doing everything in his power to find the Deathly Hallows. An accident caused by himself brought other three generations to his time.
11 The Vampire Diaries RP
1 0

This is a TDV Role-Play site for all TVD fans. We want to know you, befriend you and have fun to create together our own Mystic Falls. :)
12 Mass Effect: Continuum
1 0

Set one year after the Reaper War, this AU Mass Effect roleplay is sandbox, but plot-driven, and spans much of the known galaxy.
13 Warden's Vigil
1 0

Warden’s Vigil is a Dragon Age Roleplaying Community whose current timeline is set three and a half years after the end of the Fifth Blight.
14 Distant Fantasies
1 0

Distant Fantasies is a resource for writers and online text-based RPGs of all styles and genres. There's a forum, RP Realm, resource collection, gallery, an RPG Directory, Reviews, hosting and much more available.
15 State of Mind
1 0

State of Mind is a character driven, no word count, short app site set in present-day NYC.
16 Marvel/DC Comic Origins
1 0
Welcome to Earth 652, where the heroes and villains of both DC and Marvel exist side-by-side. In a universe where Superman exists alongside the Incredible Hulk, anything can happen. However, how all these characters are connected is all up to you. Was it
17 Love Me
1 0

We are a real life RP set in Connely Springs, a town in California where everyone gets matched through the towns match making services. Prepare for love, excitement, and heart break, all depending on the answer to the question all the residents ask their
18 Wizarding school
1 0

Wizarding school is set in our days, where all three wizard schools (Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang) battle each other for becoming the best wizarding school in Europe.
19 Rock Salt Diaries
1 0

A Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries Crossover [JCINK] -- Lucifer has been released from his Cage, the Other Side has collapsed and havoc has broken loose. Will Lucifer be forced back in the Cage? Is there any way to recover the Other Side? Or is this reall
20 Beneath Deep Waters
0 0

A H2O & Originals Roleplay Mashup Site
21 Invite Me In
0 0

We are a no season Au Vampire Dairies and original sites. There are more supernatural elements to be found in Mystic Falls not just Original vampires. Are you species the brothers never encountered?
22 Bleach Rebirth
0 0

Bleach Rebirth, while based heavily on the anime and manga, is not the 'world' of Bleach. It is an alternate universe, the characters present in the anime / manga do not exist. Call it fate, chance, or just the inevitable...
23 Dark Reunion
0 0

A TVD mid Season 4 RPG, where everything is possible!
24 The Last Tears of Atlantis
0 0

We are OFFICIALY HOSTING OUR GRAND OPENING! We've just spent 2 MONTHS in Beta Testing/Editing/Fixing/Changing/Mixin re-arranging and now we're finally pleased to announce the Grand Opening to the public. We're throwing open the doors with our Second Clu
25 Tomorrow People RPG
0 0

This is a RPG site inspired on the CW tv show The Tomorrow People. CANONS AVAILABLE!

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