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1 X-Men: Divided We Fall
180 23

X-Men: Divided We Fall is an alternate-universe X-Men RPG that pulls inspiration from comics & film to craft our own world. Canon & Original characters welcome! No word count! We lay the groundwork; you tell the story!
2 Heart of the West
133 18

333 Historical Old West 1869. No WC. Activity focused. Ranchers, Miners, Outlaws and Townfolk all in one powder keg ready to blow. Where will you stand in the Heart of the West?
3 Forced Heroes
95 40

An Rp inspired by Dragon Ball that also draws inspiration from the likes of Naruto, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, and others for an exciting and unique playground. Create our own character, interact with the world, and forge your own destiny.
4 Shattered Alley
94 13

0ur journey began with a great wind hailing from the north which shattered our world into pieces. Since then we have prevailed in the face of the darkness that loomed over us day by day. We have thrived in this new world and our story has only just begun.
5 Edge Of Infinity
93 7

Edge of Infinity is a no word count AU MCU RP including the X-Men and Fantastic Four, reimagined for the setting, OCs are also welcome. With a heroic tone, there are frequent events and adventures where heroes can develop their own rogues galleries!
6 Affliction
90 14

Original supernatural rp. Modern day.Vampires, Weres, Mermaids, Fairies, Sidhe, and more!
7 Going South
87 25

Going South is a Post-Rebirth DC Comics site, taking place in the aftermath of the Darkseid War and DC Comics Rebirth. Taking place on Earth 0, Unravel the mystery of the stolen time and the death of Superman.
8 The Truth About Monsters
84 84

Following the strory-line of the Dragon Age games, our story is set after the destruction of Haven. We have a 250 minimum word count and lots of opportunities for members to forge their own stories with canons and OCs. Who's side are you on?
9 Dershingham Vale
80 91

A succession of disappearances shakes up the town of Dershingham Vale. There are rumors of a strange, unidentifiable person that visits the same spot each night in Barrington Thicket, a forest located behind the Preston property. There they remain until d
10 Abyss
78 53

A supernatural creature RP. The world has been overthrown by vampires, werewolves, and everything else that goes bump in the night. But the time of supernatural peace has been quickly tarnished. Who do you fight for?
11 The Wall: Survival
78 11

An original fantasy RP with a Medieval-dystopia setting, The Wall captures the tale of a kingdom's desperate attempt to survive by sending settlers through a portal to a mysterious new world.
12 Elzynthia
67 23

Elzynthia is a fantasy world like no other. Here you'll find a wide array of fantasy horse breeds and a realm, culture, and RP opportunity you won't find anywhere else on the internet.
13 Pokèmon; Kaleidoscope
61 4

14 Finite Incantatem
61 8

Finite Incantatem is an AU roleplay based around the world presented in Harry Potter books and movies, featuring the four main schools. Set in 2021, the wizarding world is on the brink of chaos as the Muggle world around them is in shambles.
15 We Are Bulletproof
60 33

A small town paranormal site with mini events. Play as a wide variety of character types. No word count, no app, just create accounts and play!
16 Journey to the Stars
55 8

Mass Effect Andromeda Roleplay, opened July 2017, hosted on jcink.
17 Sirocco Weyr
49 4
A Dragonriders of Pern roleplay set at the beginning of the third pass. A renegade Weyrwoman from Fort Weyr takes her dragon and a handful of loyal followers to establish a new Weyr on the Southern Continent, based on the principles of fairness and equali
18 What Lies Between
39 2

What Lies Between is a 18, Modern Supernatural Roleplay, with a diverse list of races to choose from as well as magical abilities. There is no word requirement and a very spacious activity requirement, with our 18 we are looking for all kinds of roleplaye
19 Ignorant Justice
38 6

Welcome to Earth 69, home of the Ignorant Justice RP. With the influence of the DC comics, we bring to you a batch of superheroes and villains with our own personal mix of drama. Welcoming characters of all shapes and sizes. Hope to see you there!
20 Moorland Manor
33 23

Moorland Manor is an 18+ historical RPG set in 1899 with some horror elements. An inclusive, friendly community focusing on character development with occasional site-wide plots.
21 Wayfinder's Rest
30 7

WANTED // Adventurers of all kinds!
The Stolen Lands have a new King and with it a new name. Can you help to shape the future of Arboredge?

A new Pathfinder-inspired play-by-post RP, Wayfinder's Rest is centered around the development of the Green Bel
22 Foresta Academy
27 12

Foresta Academy is a school for gifted beings and scientific experiments! We are a modern fantasy role play looking for new members!
23 Atricis: Awakening
23 2

An alternate timeline, non-canon, 9th Pass Pern site. Atricis Weyr has left its crumbling Weyr and built a new Weyr in the South, New Atricis Weyr. Pern is changing, and Atricis has led the charge into the unknown.
24 Brook Haven Ranch
22 13

Brook Haven is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens (many from the foster care system) that utilizes equine therapy in healing broken lives.
25 Storybrooke Maine
22 15

A Once Upon A Time/Once Upon A Time in Wonderland Role Play Forum. Created by adults, for adults. Let the magic, & your imaginations run free, as you bring these stories & characters to life. But remember, all magic, has it's price..JCINK PREM.

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